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  • The Bike/Hike: Along the way guests may join the sisters to help promote Y Buy 9 — buying and consuming certified organic produce. In addition, following each day’s ride/hike, the team and their guests will visit a variety of venues to promote buying and consuming certified organic foods. The list of guests and venues is being developed now.

    Why Buy 9? The Y Buy 9 Bike & Hike promotes buying and consuming certified organic foods. In the grocery store produce aisle, certified organic fruits and vegetables have the number “9” as the first digit of the number code on the label. This shows that the item was grown organically and is not genetically modified. For example, the code on the label of a certified organic banana would be 94011 .

  • With this in mind, the Y Buy 9 Bike & Hike will raise awareness of the health benefits of buying and consuming organic products. Further, the ride will raise funds to benefit the Rodale Institute and its research directly affecting healthy living.

    ybuy, Inc. is a privately held, venture capital backed company that allows people to try products for a month before committing to buying them. ybuy, Inc. headquarters are located in Beach, CA.

    Total Funding Date of Last Funding
    YBUY $1.8M Jul 5, 2012

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    these people are unbelieveable this day in age. they are modern day theives they wear suites and ties and i ran by people who laugh and hang up on you think of you as a joke . my cell phone i bought my phone threw a cell phone company i have been with for years so say no to ybuy at your cricket stores that says they will help you out at great deal . so here their deal you buy your phone for a set "deal" you pay off so many months and it all to your convience and in said months is paid . well i payed in full as of july 2014 on aug 5 2014 they went into my bank account took out a full months payment $147 and sents i was in the negative but am good to my bank they paid it in full and charged me $31 so i now owe my bank $178 and i payed for something in full that was already payed for in full . so where my money went and why ? to me it stealing but to them a misunderstanding . so i called the company guess what they didnt know who where when or why they gave me the worest custmer service i ever resecived they laughed at me hung up on me i talk to all different managers and supervisorse they all laughted at me hung up and continued to not understand they finally got it when for the 3 fax i sent of my bank statement and other documention i had gathered .they claimed they sent a check today for the $31 but not the $147 . so i ask why? where the rest of my money the man rick contiuned to laugh how unprofessional and the "research place " will get back to me tomorrow . so i got online am not the first or last person this will happen too again . so i also called cricket they want to help we will see i wont stop because it cruel and rude and i work to hard for my money to be taken from for something i didnt owe was comletely payed off. modern day crock with a suite and tie and a company logo but yet they get away and everyone else go to jail or prison . tell me how that works or is right

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Based on the customer interviews, users prefer this type of service over companies like Amazon or Ebay for several reasons. The main reason is because of the financial commitment. Many people become hesitant when it comes to an expensive product that they want and if they purchase it and things go wrong, returning it may not always be easy. With YBUY, there isn’t a commitment to the product because of the trial. Returns are easier since the company pays for shipping both ways.