We’ve rounded up the best Xbox One headsets currently available:

Microsoft Xbox One Stereo Headset (Xbox One):

Xbox One Stereo Headset

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  • The first of three Xbox One headsets from Turtle Beach, the XO Seven features over-the-ear speakers with memory foam padding. Separate volume controls for game and chat audio make sure you're catching everything, and the black/green finish blends in nicely with the overall Xbox One aesthetic. The XO Seven also connects to the controller via the Xbox One headset adapter, and is available March 7.

    No, Microsoft's official Xbox One headset isn't the flashiest of the bunch--but perhaps there's something to be said for stripped-down simplicity. You'll still get great audio quality, a unidirectional mic, and independent control of game audio and chat via the headset adapter when this headset launches on March 7. And hey, the price is definitely right.

  • We’ve all been there: You want to play Xbox One games while your family sleeps soundly just down the hall or your roommates study for their finals. That’s why we’re so excited to announce the Xbox One Stereo Headset, which will allow fans to immerse themselves in their games and play at whatever volume they’d like.

    The Xbox One Chat Headset that came packaged with your console may not be the best, but thankfully, Microsoft’s Stereo Headset excels where the former falters. This lightweight pair of cans feature a retractable microphone and comfortable cups, along with a glossy black design that pairs well with the One’s sleek frame. The headphones are specifically designed for gaming, and as such, they exhibit a rich and accurate sound stage when it comes to playing games such as Destiny and Forza–gunshots ring and engines rattle. Moreover, you can even adjust the headset’s game and audio chat balance on the fly for fined-tuned separation.

  • Microsoft has released the first images of the Xbox One Chat Headset and Xbox One Play & Charge Kit, expected to go on sale alongside the console later this year.

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Earlier this month we told you guys and gals about coming out for your . There’s the Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter and the Xbox One Stereo Headset. Both were slated to come out in early March, but no firm release date was shared. It looks like Microsoft was able to do something they don’t do often, ship a product early. You can pre-order the accessories and get them next week.