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  • The Xbox One will be released in November 2013 for $499.99 in the US, £429.99 in the UK and 499.99 Euros in Europe. In Australia, the Xbox One will cost $599.99 AU.

    One slightly odd discrepancy between the two consoles is the differing APU costs. With a significantly larger GPU, you would expect the PS4 APU to cost more — but in actual fact, the Xbox One APU costs $10 more. The cost difference is probably down to the Xbox One’s 32MB of ESRAM, but who knows — iSuppli almost certainly isn’t privy to the actual negotiations between AMD and Microsoft/Sony, and so its analysis is probably down to the different die sizes (the PS4 APU die clocks in at 348 square millimeters, while the Xbox One APU is 363 square millimeters) If the ESRAM really does add that much to the Xbox One’s build cost (about $30 or so, by my estimations), developers better make good use of it. (Read: .)

  • Xbox One Costs $90 More to Make Than the PS4….
    hang on a second….
    No it doesn’t it costs $309 to make which is around $90 less…
    math down below…

    Zavvi states that there is no deposit required and the company will reduce the price shoppers must pay if the actual Xbox One cost is cheaper than the currently quoted price.

  • Because the Xbox One manufacturing cost is just $29 under its sale price (not to mention retailers taking their own cut of the retail price ‘yeah why wasn’t this mentioned about the PS4? Because it would mean that sony would be selling it for the same price to develop it’)

IGN News: Xbox One Costs $90 More to Make Than PS4

Update -- Price of Xbox One Revealed -- June 10, 2013
E3 2013 provided us with the figure we've been waiting for - $499, £429 or 499 Euros is what the Xbox One will cost. It's a bit more than the PlayStation 4 which will launch at $399, so have Microsoft priced themselves out of the water? We'll have to wait and see.