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  • TAG : News: Microsoft slashes Xbox 360 prices
  • Microsoft has confirmed that it will be cutting Xbox 360 prices internationally in order to make way for the recently announced Xbox 360 Slim model. This may be part of a bid to clear out current inventory of the more bulky existing version before Microsoft discontinues it.

    The bundles will be more affordable than the Wii U when it launches for $299 and $349 for the 32GB deluxe set. The Xbox 360 price drops were made directly after Nintendo on the Wii and should allow Microsoft to compete with the Wii U’s release.

  • With the across the board Xbox 360 price cut just announced, we thought we would step back in time and look at the history of Xbox 360 pricing since it debuted in late 2005...

    Recently, we had reported Microsoft Xbox 360 is apparently planning to slash the price of the . Now, Kotaku has given an update, stating that they have received a phone picture of the internal announcement for the coming Xbox 360 Pro price drop announcement from a GameStop employee. It is believed that the official announcement is slated to be as soon as this weekend, precisely on 13th July.

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