Reasons To Purchase A Wireless Security System:

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Amcrest 960H Video Security System Four 800+TVL Weatherproof Cameras, 65ft Night Vision, 984ft Transmit Range, 500GB HDD

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  • 1. It’s a great alternative for people living in older homes, condominiums or apartments.
    2. Since wireless systems have their own batteries, they can be installed in locations in a home where there is no electrical access.
    3. The system can be expanded as needed.
    4. Wireless security systems can be connected to a phone and/or computer systems for remote monitoring.
    5. Can be integrated with home automation systems, like ADT’s Pulse.

    I received the Lorex Wireless home security camera system as a Christmas Gift. It is fantastic, I even captured deer in my back yard and am able to see and speak to anyone who comes to my front door or back door as well as any intruder trying to get in.

  • It's not difficult to see how a wireless home alarm can add an extra measure of protection to your home. However, as you look for a system, make sure that it fits the needs of your home. With the great list of wireless home security systems in our review, you will be able to find a solution that protects your home and your family in a variety of ways.

    When it comes to installation a wireless alarm system can be easier when compared to conventional hard-wired systems. In the traditional setup, wires must be run through the home to every entry point and motion sensor, which includes all doors and windows. Wireless home security systems tend to be easier to install, and they’re portable, so in the event of a move you can easily take the system with you.

    Air-Alarm Wireless Security System

  • HomeSafe® Wireless Security System

    Monitoring Services
    With wireless home surveillance systems, there are many monitoring options. The easiest is to let a professional monitoring service observe your home. Most services monitor your home 24 hours a day and can contact emergency personnel if an alarm goes off. Since most wireless security systems use cellular signals, you can monitor your home on the go using a smartphone app. However, there is an extra fee for this feature in most cases. Home automation also uses the same interactive monitoring to allow your cellphone to control compatible equipment such as locks and lights in your wireless home surveillance system.

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SimpliSafe provides homeowners the option to protect their families and valuables with no long-term commitment. There is a higher than usual initial charge, because the SimpliSafe home security equipment is bought outright, but their monthly monitoring fees are among the lowest we found. Still, this high-tech wireless security system provides the flexibility and systematic notifications that many people are looking for.