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8 Channel Wireless Microphone System - Rack Mountable with 8 Clip-On Lavalier Mics & 8 Headsets

Singing Machine SMM-107 Karaoke Wireless Microphone (BLack)

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  • If your manufacturer is not listed, please contact the FCC for additional assistance to determine if your wireless microphone operates on the 700 MHz Band.

    There is a move to allow the operation of personal unlicensed wideband digital devices using the UHF television spectrum in the United States. These '' devices (WSDs) would be required to have and access to a location database to avoid interfering with other users of the band. Initial tests performed by the FCC showed that, in some cases, prototypes of these devices were unable to correctly identify frequencies that were in use, and might therefore accidentally transmit on top of these users. Broadcasters, theaters, and wireless microphone manufacturers were firmly against these types of devices ostensibly for this reason.

  • Need the freedom from cables that a wireless system provides but tired of constantly replacing batteries? Then the VHF-3308 is your answer, delivering fully rechargeable dual wireless microphones. The best part is how simple it is to recharge the batteries, and the bonus is the money and waste you'll save by going rechargeable. Just setting each mic in the terminal on top of the receiver while not in use is all you'll need to do to prepare the VHF-3308 for your next performance. It's that easy?no additional connections to worry about. VocoPro was the first to offer a rechargeable system that charges from its own receiver stand and we?ve done it again with amazingly affordable VHF-3308. Who says you have to pay top dollar to enjoy the best? Go with the Pros. Go with VocoPro!

    In many other countries wireless microphone use does require a license. Some governments regard all radio frequencies as military assets and the use of unlicensed radio transmitters, even wireless microphones, may be severely punished.

      Behringer UL2000M
    Choose from 320 transmission frequencies and enjoy the powerful advantage of simultaneous operation for up to 20 systems.
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    In Australia, operation of wireless microphones of up to 100 mW between 520 MHz and 820 MHz is on unused television channels and is covered by a class license, allowing any user to operate the devices without obtaining an individual license. The onus, however, is on the user of the wireless microphone to resolve any interference that the use of the microphone may cause to licensed radio communications services. After 31 December 2014 operation will not be allowed in the frequency range 694-820 MHz. See item 22A in the schedule in the class licence

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With four handheld mics, each on their own independent UHF channel, the UHF5805 gives you maximized vocal options without the fear of frequency interference. Wireless means that you are free from cables for more active performances that the crowd will never forget, plus with its rechargeable microphones and charger, the party can go all night. KJs will love that each mic channel has its own Field-replaceable Module that easily slides out, without affecting the functionality of the other channels. Included in this package are four wireless rechargeable microphones with upgraded, durable metal bodies. Karaoke vocalists, home entertainment enthusiasts, and club-goers all will benefit from the reliability and versatility of the UHF5805.