Wireless audio transmitter built into newer HP Envy notebooks

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  • The HP Wireless Audio kit has two parts: a transmitter and a receiver box. The transmitter is a basic USB device shaped like a large, wide flash drive. It's slightly wider than would be convenient, as it can block other ports close to the USB port it's plugged into. The receiver box is a 1.2- by 4.5- by 2.9-inch (HWD) rectangular device with a port for the power cable, RCA stereo outputs, a standard-size 3.5mm output, and an S/PDIF digital output. It also has a small pairing button and two lights to show it's plugged in and paired with the transmitter.

    Wireless and networked audio is becoming increasingly ubiquitous. Bluetooth and AirPlay allow you to play music on their smartphones, tablets, and computers through their speaker systems, and DLNA lets you play music that's stored on their computers through their Blu-ray players and HDTVs over their home network. There aren't many simple, out-of-the-box kits to enable wireless audio on both ends, though. The HP Wireless Audio kit changes that, by offering an all-in-one solution to stream music from your computer to your speakers. It's easy to set up, but at $99.99 (direct), it's expensive for a device that lets you do things you probably can already do via other methods.

  • To sync the transmitter with the receiver, you need to install the HP Wireless Audio Manager software on your PC and plug in the transmitter. Once you install it, you can pair your computer (with the transmitter attached) to the receiver by pressing the pairing button on the receiver and running the software. The default audio driver will switch to the USB transmitter. From that point, anything you play on the computer will output through the receiver to whatever speakers or home theater system you hook up.

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  • Applied Wireless audio products allow you to achieve wireless audio links for applications which would otherwise require cabling through buildings or trenching. Whether you're interested in a permanent installation or a way to bring sound to an event, our wireless audio products are an affordable, high quality solution. Works with mixers, computers, stereo systems, IPODs and more.

    Our Wireless products provide excellent frequency response, do not burden wireless networks and are not interfered by them. Open field range starts at 750 feet with included omni-directional antennas. Optional directional antennas can greatly increase range to 1500 feet and up. Higher power wireless audio options are available for military and law enforcement applications.

    AW offers two systems to choose from; our standard product AR900-32 receiver with AT900-32 transmitter, and our Pro Audio line, PAR900 receiver and PAT900 transmitter.  Both systems have excellent frequency response.  Because these are analog systems, multiple receivers may be used with a single transmitter.

    Use with amplified speakers or separate amplifier(s) and speakers.

    Wireless Standard Audio System Features
    • Line Level Stereo Input and Output (RCA)
    • 50 Hz-15 kHz Frequency Response
    • 32 Channel Selection
    • 902-928 MHz
    • Built-in Noise Reduction
    • Maximum Allowable FCC Power under Part 15 for Unlicensed Use

    Wireless PRO Audio System Features
    • Dual Diversity Receiver
    • XLR and RCA Inputs/Outputs
    • 30 Hz to 20 kHz Frequency Response 
    • Noise Gate to Eliminate Low Level Background Noise When No Audio Present
    • 24 Channel Selection
    Typical Applications

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