So are we paying too much for Windows 8 Tablets?

Acer isn’t the only vendor showing off a small Windows 8 tablet at Computex this week.

Toshiba Encore 2 WT8-B32CN 8.0-Inch 32 GB Tablet gold

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  • After months of curiosity, speculation and spec leaks, the first honest-to-goodness Windows 8 devices have finally been announced. At the Computex trade show in Taipei Monday, Acer and Asus introduced a large suite of Windows 8 tablets, all-in-one PCs, and hybrid ultrabooks.

    You can write by hand on your Windows 8 tablet anywhere that Windows accepts typing. You can handwrite a letter in Microsoft Word, for example, or write in the name of a newly created folder.

  • Lenovo’s ThinkPad Tablet 2 sounds promising and will likely be a solid choice if you’re thinking about getting a Windows 8 tablet. Lenovo products such as the original and the regularly make . But there’s a whole lot more coming to store shelves near you starting in October. Here’s a look at seven other tablets you’ll want to keep your eye on as we get closer to the .

    One of the first Windows 8 tablets out of the gate is expected to be . The 10.6-inch slate features a microSD slot, USB 2.0, micro HD, and . Surface RT is available with 32GB or 64GB of storage. Processor type, RAM and screen resolution are unconfirmed. Microsoft said pricing will be in line with similar competing tablets. The device is expected to , the same day as Windows 8.

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    The Windows 8 handwriting recognition works quite well on your Windows 8 tablet, because Microsoft’s been perfecting it for many years. However, to make Windows recognize your writing style even more accurately

Dell Venue 8 Pro Windows 8 Tablet | Dell

On the other hand, Windows 8 doesn’t have an awful lot of Metro apps available. Staple platform apps like Netflix and Skype are there, but most of everything else remains exclusive to running in the Desktop mode of Windows 8 Pro. If you’re getting a Windows 8 RT tablet, you’re out for luck.