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Nintendo Wii Remote Plus, Black

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  • As an alternative to the Wii remote controller and Wii Nunchuk controller, some games provide the player with the ability to use a GameCube controller. These are usually more traditional games, such as Mario Kart, that do not work well with the standard Wii controller. While the standard Wii controllers are wireless, the GameCube controller is not and must be plugged into the console in order to be useful. Having a GameCube controller for games like Mario Kart and Super Smash Brothers Brawl can enhance the experience of playing the game and make it much easier to play the game well.

    The Wii Classic controller is also not wireless and does not have the motion sensing feature, but comes with dual control sticks that are similar to the controllers used with Playstation. It also features the same button configurations that can be found on the GameCube controller. This can make playing some of the classic games much easier, making the Wii Classic controller something that many baby boomers will appreciate. For those who enjoy using the Wii Classic controller, there is good news on the horizon, as it is rumored that there will soon be a wireless version released very soon.

  • While the WiiMote and Wii Nunchuk controller have their benefits, you may find that using a GameCube controller or Wii classic controller can help in playing certain games. For optimum performance and a more enhanced gaming experience, choosing the right Wii controller is essential.

    The Wii Nunchuk controller also features motion sensing and acts as a control stick attachment. One of the most popular types of games to use the Wii Nunchuk controller is boxing. In this instance the player will hold the WiiMote in their right hand and the Wii Nunchuk in their left hand to simulate punches being thrown by either hand. This is also used frequently in first person shooter games where the Wii controller is in the right hand and is used to spot your target, aim, and fire your weapon while the Wii Nunchuk controller is held in the left hand and slightly lifted to reload the weapon, as well as providing steering ability when needed.

  • The Wii U controller is the main controller for the Nintendo . It’s officially called the . The controller was unveiled with the Wii U at E3 2011, and features a built-in touchscreen that can provide additional information to players, such as stats, maps, inventory, and more. For players who wish a more classical approach, Nintendo has made the .

Wii Remote Controller And Nunchuck

A: The Wii U will support all existing Wii controllers, including Remote/Nunchuk combinations, the Wii Fit Balance Board, and the SNES-styled Classic Controller. Nintendo will also be selling a $49.99 Wii U Pro Controller, which looks an awful lot like an Xbox 360 controller, for more traditional games that don't require motion controls or use of the touchscreen.