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, an associate producer at Microsoft, unboxed his new device for YouTube audiences, revealing the white Xbox One in all its glory.

Xbox One 500GB White Console - Special Edition Quantum Break Bundle

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  • French game site listed the bundle for sale, but has since removed the listing. The bundle was priced at €399 (approx. $535), indicating that it would include a Kinect. Up until now, the piano white Xbox One was only available to Microsoft employees, but this reveal indicates that the color variant will be available to the masses soon. Presumably, the bundled console, unlike the Microsoft employees’ version, will not include the text “I Made This” on the front.

    Let’s start with the console itself. Remember that white Xbox One ? Well, they are now planning to bring a white model to market for consumers. We don’t know a date yet, but it looks likely to be this year. An image has also been posted of a special edition console, which you can see below.

  • is reporting that a European online retailer has listed a special Xbox One bundle that includes a Piano White Xbox One. The listing has since been pulled from the site.

    Surfacing via , the white Xbox One unit is said to be a dev kit model with no confirmation as to whether a white hued edition will ever make it to market. With the Xbox 360 originally entering the market in white before leading on to black models, a selection of Xbox One colours is not out of the realms of reality.

  • The white Xbox One is part of the Sunset Overdrive bundle, which comes with a code for a digital copy of the game, the white console and a white controller.

Want a white Xbox One and four Halo games

The unboxing video phenomenon is one I will admit to failing to understand. But whether I understand their appeal or not, the videos continue to prove endlessly popular — and when there is something feature that is a little out of the ordinary, I will concede that I can see why people watch them. We’ve already seen numerous Xbox One unboxings, but here’s one that’s a little different: a white Xbox One.