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Several games are being readied for release alongside the PSP Vita, these titles include:

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  • But what about your existing UMD game collection if you own a regular PSP? American UMD owners will have no choice but to keep their existing PSP to play those UMD games or re-buy their UMD game collection from the PlayStation Network Store and download them into the Vita.

    Create an exquisite design, add heaps of passion and a dash of sophistication. This is how lamps are made. And dreams too! The new VITA Eos light grey was born from our desire to add a trendy and edgy splash of colour to this iconic design. Just like the VITA EOS light brown, it draws its force and beauty from the earth tones of the Nordic landscape. A discreet colour palette that creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere – this is the quintessence of the VITA EOS family! With a neutral and harmonious colour, the VITA Eos light grey lampshade will perfectly suit any minimalist interior design, adding a sophisticated and elegant touch. Either in a modern living room or...

  • The max resolution of the cameras are 640x480 (VGA). The recording framerate is 60 FPS in 640x480 (VGA) mode and 120 FPS in 320x240 (QVGA) mode. These are 0.3 megapixel cameras, so the quality of the photos are very bad. They are adequate when using them for video chat. Future Vita models may have better cameras.

    Is it your favourite song playing on the radio, that stunning VITA lampshade or maybe embarking on new adventures with your better half? Tell us and WIN one of our brand new VITA Carmina mini baby rose or misty grey lampshade! How to enter our competition? Follow our Facebook page so you don’t miss out, and look for our competition themed post. Leave a comment in the comments section where 1. you choose your favourite new VITA Carmina colour (baby rose or misty grey) and 2. tell us who or what adds colour to your life! Don’t forget to tell us both! You’ll then take part into a sweepstake to win the VITA Carmina mini lampshade you chose – baby...

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  • Possessive forms of vita
    possessor single possession multiple possessions
    1st person sing. vitám vitáim
    2nd person sing. vitád vitáid
    3rd person sing. vitája vitái
    1st person plural vitánk vitáink
    2nd person plural vitátok vitáitok
    3rd person plural vitájuk vitáik

    We are opening our doors to the VITA Universe! New designs, heaps of creativity and the VITA spirit– all in several events spread out throughout “3 days of design”, an event where top Danish design companies are opening their doors to the public. Are you in Copenhagen during May 26-28? Then get ready to step in our showroom opened especially for this event. Discover our newest designs and get the chance to see where the magic happens – just next to the Metro station at Kongens Nytorv! What to expect? We bet you haven’t seen a lamp that can play sounds! Come play it and be fascinated by an amazing audiovisual experience. In addition, we’ve planned lots of exciting events...

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However, you must remember that touchscreen only games cannot be as complex as a console with physical buttons, analog sticks, AND a touchscreen, such as the Vita. It also goes against all logic to put the "action buttons" on the same exact screen you are using to view the game; especially in a shooting game. Sure, casual games like Angry Birds are far better using a touchscren than using physical buttons, but what about games for more serious and dedicated gamers who expect complex games that require many buttons? You can't fit them all on the touchscreen.