Simple video camera, but with a good microphone.

JVC D770 & JVC 760 video cameras

Vivitar 8 MP Digital Camcorder with 4X Digital Zoom Video Camera with 1.8-Inch LCD Screen, Colors and Styles May Vary

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  • One common feature of a digital video camera lens is the capability to zoom in or out on images. Many film cameras come standard with a prime lens, which does not allow the user to get closer to an image if desired. Being able to zoom in and out without switching lenses allows the user to photograph subjects quickly and efficiently, using different zoom lenses to create a variety of perspectives.

    Some digital cameras come with a standard digital video camera lens that is permanently attached to the camera. These models are typically useful for novice camera operators or those that want to make simple family or daily life movies without the hassle of switching lenses. Most camera companies offer at least a few consumer cameras with permanent lenses for basic projects. When choosing a lower-end digital video camera, the lens is usually of less priority than other features, such as memory, available settings, and durability.

  • In some models of digital video camera with detachable lenses, an adjustable component called a back focus may be required for the camera to work properly. In film photography, the three main colors of light — red, green, and blue — are all focused through the lens on the same plane through a built-in back focus that is automatically set. In video, the three colors each respond to a separate sensor; since the sensors may have varying distances from the back of the lens, an adjustable back focus may be required to create a coherent final image. Lenses with adjustable back focuses are often found as standard equipment in medium to high-end digital video cameras.

    G-Shot DV1112 is a highly versatile video camera. Aside from a digital video camera, it can also be used as a voice recorder, TV/DVD recorder, USB 2.0 web camera, security motion detect recorder, eBooks reader or an MP3 player with readable lyrics. It has a built-in 64MB that allows you to take pictures and movies without a memory card. You can also use a memory card to increase the storage capacity of up to 2GB. Experience extreme entertainment only from Genius!

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    For models that feature interchangeable lenses, it is important to understand some basic distinctions between different lenses. A wide-angle lens has the capability to take in a wide expanse, but it can exaggerate distances between objects and can cause distortion at the edge of the frame. A telephoto digital video camera lens allows extremely far zooms to take pictures of objects extremely far off, although focus may become a problem. Both wide-angle and telephoto lenses are available in different sizes, and may require some experimentation before the user can quickly choose the best lens for each subject.

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Despite its size, the Sony PMW100 is a pretty powerful camera with awesome features, which is why it’s part of our list in the top 10 professional HD video cameras. It is superb for field shoots, as it has XLR, SDI, and HDMI and supports 50mb/sec of transfer speed. In summary, it has outstanding portability and maneuverability as well as exceptional picture quality.