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Top 5 Verizon Smartphones For May 2013: Which One Will You Buy?

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini - 16GB Smartphone - Black - Verizon (Certified Refurbished)

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  • There are some fantastic smartphones heading to Verizon in the next few months and just in case you were only thinking of the Samsung Galaxy S3 or Apple iPhone 5 we wanted to show you that there are some other great alternatives. However we’ve included those two in our look at some of the best Verizon smartphones for summer and fall as they are likely to be the major sellers over the next few months. Read on for our pick on what’s coming soon on Verizon.

    Verizon's average is boosted because there are a lot more "power users" on Big Red. Twice as many Verizon smartphone users use 500MB-1GB a month compared to iPhone users and 4% of Verizon smartphone users use over 2GB of data compared to only 1.6% iPhone users. [ via ]

  • That completes our look and we feel that all of these smartphones have a lot to offer. We believe these to be the cream of the crop of Verizon smartphones coming in summer and fall although more could be on the way that we haven’t yet heard about. If you have any ideas for other upcoming Verizon smartphones that you think should be included then let us know by sending your comments. Have you decided on one of these smartphones as your next phone purchase? If so let us know which is your pick and why?

    The study was conducted by wireless billing vendor Validas and excluded Blackberry devices (because they compress data). It's sort of stunning that combining all Verizon smartphones together (even those lumpy old Windows ones) can out-usage the iPhone. It's proof that Android phones like the

  • According to a study, Verizon smartphone users use more data than iPhone users. That's right, on average, Verizon smartphones—Android, webOS, and Windows Mobile phones—pull in 421 MB a month of data. iPhone users only use 338MB.

This phone will work with Verizon as well as various GSM providers

What does that mean for you? When you're traveling overseas, you can use prepaid SIM cards in your Verizon smartphone as long as it is SIM unlocked.