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Funai Corp. DV220FX5 Dual Deck DVD and VHS Player

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  • On any home-media player, the picture is only half the story. A good DVD/VCR combo player should have a solid sound system. Philips included support for Dolby Digital sound on the Philips DVD/VCR Player. This is crucial because almost all Hollywood films contain form of Dolby sound. Furthermore, this DVD/VCR combo is compatible with surround-sound systems so you can get the full audio experience the studios intended you to have.

    For decades, a four-head hi-fi VCR was the top of line in home entertainment. Such technology comprises the entirety of the VCR aspect of the Philip DVD/VCR Player. Manufacturers perfected this method of playback years ago, and almost nothing has changed for this iteration of the technology except for the natural miniaturization of the components. All VHS tapes in playable condition will work in this device.

  • DVDs and VHS tapes are the stars of the show on the Philips DVD/VCR player. However, we would be remiss if we didn't mention that this device also plays a number of other disc-based media. The DVD slot is compatible with compact discs from your music collection. In addition, the DVD portion of the device supports rewriteable disc media including CD-R/CD-RW, DVD-R/-RW, DVD+R/+RW and CD/SVCD.

    This feature essentially doubles the resolution of standard-definition images, making them suitable for viewing on a high-definition television or monitor. The Philips DVD/VCR Player lacks the additional feature of 1080p upscaling, which converts a standard-definition signal into a HD stream. The progressive scan by itself is acceptable, but including the upscaling feature would have made the Philips DVD/VCR player a more complete and modern device.


    General Electric VHS VCR model 9-7115. Panasonic made VHS VCR from the mid 1980s. Dated July 14, 1986. Same as the Model 9-7100, minus the silver front strip panel. Features, multi-function wireless remote control, direct drive capstan motor, auto rewind, noise free slow motion in SLP mode, centralized function display, which displays stop, play, REW, FF, and many others, noise free still and frame advance in SLP mode, electronic tape counter, Record and playback in all three SP, LP, and EP modes, tape compartment light, and timer. These VCRS were slightly ahead of the times in that era. The function display being one of the best features. Many versions/manufactured brands under Panasonic, of these VCRS were being produced in that time, both top and front loading versions with basically the same electronics. A 1987 updated Hi-Fi version of this VCR with on screen display can be seen Here.



    Common Problems: Power supply. The symptoms will start with many different malfunctions. To name a few, front display/clock/counter/functions starts to become dim in areas, eventually going out completely, VCR does not power on, distorted picture during playback. Power supply kits are available for most of these Panasonic made VCRS at Studio Sound Electronics located in the links section. Feel free to share your info about the common issues with these Panasonic built VCRS on the Forums.



    Vintage General Electric VHS VCR Model 9-7115


    In a world where home televisions have a life span of less than a decade, new televisions in most homes display images in high definition. This rich picture quality simply didn't exist when DVD and VHS tapes were designed. Therefore, the Philips DVD/VCR player transmits a standard definition signal. However, the unit contains progressive scan technology to improve standard-definition images.

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So you have the VCR, the capture device, and the macro box, processor, and detailer if you want them. What else do I need to check before I record?