URBANEARS Red Headphones - I've wanted these for at LEAST a year!!!

Urbanears Headphones - Lavender #UrbanOutfitters

UrbanEars Plattan Over The Ear Headphones For Iphone Ipod Touch Android - Grey

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  • Urbanears designed Plattan to be the perfect classic headphone, utilizing innovative functions and performance with today’s technology. It is a full size headphone allowing for rich, secluded sound. You can fold it down to the size of your fist for maximum mobility. Plattan also comes with a “zound plug” on the earcap, allowing for a friend to plug in and enjoy your music.

    Urbanears is a Swedish headphone maker that specializes in slick, unbranded headphones with all the extra features, all at an affordable price. Their constantly evolving color palette gives the consumer more choices than any other brand. The Plattan model is a Lab bestseller, both in-store and online.

  • That said, If you're primarily interested in singer-songwriters, jazz, classical, or anything mostly acoustic in instrumentation, this is probably not your headphone - if you like the UrbanEars look, you might actually want to look at the less expensive Plattan. But if you're looking for something with more of a low-end kick, don't mind a darker voicing, and mostly like synth- and sample-based electronic music or pop, you might want to give the Zinken a spin. And you get that cool cable...

    But this all just points toward the Zinken being a genre-specific model, I think - read "electronic music fan" for DJ here, and you've probably got the right idea. If you spin classic soul sides, this may not be for you. But if your listening diet's staples include EDM, contemporary big-budget pop, or really anything featuring synthesizers, you'll probably find the Zinken's sonic signature to your taste. And I suspect that's as the the UrbanEars design team intended.

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    headphones arrived dirty, used and worn. very upset with urbanears service and inability to take responsbility. 

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    For vocal and acoustic oriented material - Gillian Welch's acoustic-guitar-and-vocal "Everything is Free," for example - switching to the Zinken from the Pro, or M-100 seems like dimming the lights - the UrbanEars phone is more closed-in, darker (and duller and fuzzier sounding in the low end), and more nasal and unnatural sounding in the mids by comparison to either the Beats or the V-Moda.

URBANEARS Headphones Description: logo detail Composition: Plastic

Urbanears is back with their new 2010 Fall / Winter collection. In conjunction with the turn of the season, Urbanears has revamped its color offerings. Seven colors have been dropped from the line and are being replaced with seven brand new sleek colors. As seasons and fashions change, Urbanears will continue to introduce and drop colors every six months. Below are the new stylish and seasonal color options. Currently, these colors are exclusively available for the Plattan model.