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Uniden BCD436HP HomePatrol Series Digital Handheld Scanner

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  • Browse our entire selection of Uniden CB radios below. If you need help installing your new radio, we recommend reading our helpful resource on .

    The Uniden UBC-125XLT airband radio has a wide range of frequencies to listen to airband , military and other popular airwaves. Utilising Uniden's 'Close Call capture' this scanner will log into the strongest signal and allow you to instantly listen to the conversation.

  • Uniden has also come out with a new handheld CB radio. It is a very basic, low cost radio. It features DC or battery power options, noise canceling, and a hi/low power switch for extended battery life.

    The Uniden PRO520XL is one of our best options for a small sized radio. This is our go-to for a basic, no frills, get-it-done CB radio. It is simple to use and works well. They are also very robust and also include a PA out for an added bonus!

    Set Location Info allows you program a location for the site so the scanner will enable/disable it for scanning with a GPS unit attached. See Set GPS Format first to set your units, time zone, etc.

  •   Scroll to 'Set Status Bit' and press E/yes.
    Scroll to one of two settings and press E/yes to save and exit.
    Yes- the scanner treats all received ID's as unique ID's.
    Ignore- the scanner rounds all received ID's down to the next interval of 16.

    From new, cutting edge innovations to tried and true compact units, Uniden CB radios have a lot to offer. The newer BC680, BC880, and BC980 radios are the newest models available. They include modern features like digital displays, built in transmit and receive tests along with standard features like weather channels, built in SWR, and channel scan.

Uniden BC95XLTB -Digital Ready Scanner || Nascar

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