Samsung UN60F6300 - 60" Class LED 1080p 120Hz Smart HDTV

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Samsung UN60F6300 60-Inch 1080p 120Hz Slim Smart LED HDTV (2013 Model)

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  • 2014 couldn’t be a better year for people looking for a new TV to purchase. Sure, the latest and greatest 4K TVs and other displays with fresh innovations are insanely priced but it is causing the prices of 1080p flagship LED displays to drop. This means that the midrange and low-end models should drop in price too. Many of the midrange HDTVs released in 2013 were pretty impressive to the point that most typical consumers can consider them as highly advanced models. The Samsung UN60F6300 is as midrange as you can get when you compare it against the higher-end and lower-end models. The $1,499 price tag is pretty midrange too for a 60-inch TV but make no mistake, the UN60F6300 has plenty of neat tricks.

    Uninspired TV designs are quite common and understandable in the midrange level because companies really try to encourage as many people as possible to go the flagship route. But the Samsung UN60F6300 is a pretty good looking display. Higher-end Samsung TVs have much thinner bezels but at least the display panel still has that thin profile and the quad stand gives the 60-inch display some stability and elegance.

  • I have a need to control my Samsung UN60F6300 Smart Hub. The current setting on the remote (when I switch it to TV) controls everything on the TV even including moving around in the Smart HUB to start apps and stop/start playing etc. The only thing that I cannot do is to start the Smart Hub. If there is anything that you know of or of a TV code to reprogram the remote that would allow me to start the Smart Hub I would appreciate your help.

    The UN60F6300 is not only Samsung’s cheapest 60-inch LED display but it is also part of the series that brings Samsung’s new Smart Hub 2.0 experience to the most affordable price possible. With ordinary LED TVs still selling quite well, many average customers still don’t really see the point in connecting the TV to the wireless router. But Samsung’s approach to the Smart TV experience offers plenty of features and their new interface redesign is a step in the right direction.


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    The sharing aspects of the UN60F6300 is handled by Samsung’s AllShare service (currently known as Samsung Link). Samsung Link is a free app for Samsung Galaxy smartphone and tablet users and it provides a rather simple interface to send photos, music tracks and video clips to the TV. Ordinary Windows computers can share content with the TV too without any additional apps. If you have a fast wireless router, you may not even need the USB ports.

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Smart-Review Commentary: For 2013, The UN60F6300 is Samsung’s Best LED TV without 3D. Its CMR 240 and 120Hz refresh rate plus backlight scanning helps to reduce motion blur for fast moving action such as sports or movies. This 2013 model upgrades last year’s model by adding a Dual Core Processor (for greater speed), adding an extra HDMI port, reducing weight, and providing better energy efficiency. As a Smart TV, this one features Netflix®, Facebook, Youtube Hulu Plus™, Skype, ESPN ScoreCenter, a full web browser and more. AllShare DLNA technology allows you to share video and pictures from your computer and other devices wirelessly. This TV has a Built-in WiFi Adapter, so there is nothing extra to buy. Its white LED backlit screen is Energy Star 6.0 Certified for lower power consumption. The UN60F6300 comes with an illuminated universal remote for easy access in the dark. Owner reviews indicate excellent picture quality. This is a substantial upgrade from last year’s ES6100 model. This model will be popular for those that do not need or want 3D. It is a SmartReview Top Pick for 2013.