Theres a Tripod model + animation in that game.

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AmazonBasics 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod with Bag

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  • Rule 4 (for big cameras): you might be able to handhold a slower shutter speedbecause the final image won't be enlarged as much (since the negative is larger).On the other hand, medium- and large-format cameras are so big and heavy thatmost photographers prefer to use them on a tripod if only to avoid musclefatigue. Sports photographers often use a monopod so that they don't have tosupport the weight of a 300/2.8 or 600/4 lens through an entire footballgame.

    Rule 3 (for big enlargements): you need to use a tripod all the time. Thestandard rule is designed for 35mm cameras and presupposes a certain degree ofenlargement and viewing distance from the final print. If you're going to makebig enlargements and let people get close to the prints, then you need to be morecareful about lots of stuff including camera shake.

  • We sell that junk at our store or should i say try not to, the leg clips will fail good luck with your tripod they break on the plastic hinge every time there made by Digipod china...........

    A tripod is at once a photographer's best friend and worst encumbrance. Itsomehow seems that one is forever lugging tripods around and adjusting them andyet never has the right one when needed. Most serious photographers own severaltripods and heads.

    SONY VCT-1170RM Tripod

  • SONY VCT-60AV Tripod with remote control

    What the heck? I read this article expecting to see what was discovered, but all I remember is specs and features. I feel I could learn more reading reviews on Amazon. Are these really the best tripods under $450? Under what basis? Please amend your article.

Sony VCT-1170RM Professional Tripod

So, this guide is for you, if you want to start it all over, and buy a tripod to USE. Also, if you’re buying a tripod to offer someone, this guide may help you to understand what is at stake when you buy a tripod. Beware, though, when buying a tripod for someone else. Try to find out if what you buy fits into the plans of the receiver. Tripods should be bought as one buys a shirt; it has to fit perfectly.