Still can’t beat TMo’s Walmart plan.

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  • Again, you’re not posting an experience when you add tmobile blows. You’re flat out trolling. Also, this tipic is about a plan not about coverage area. So again, you’re just trolling. The best part is, iz tbat you have no real argument since all you can do is call people names.

    Like it’s been said before, you really can’t go off map coverage since it could be outdated. Tmobile is about to release an updated map that will include the new LTE areas plus the 700 band areas. Unless you try an actual phone in your area there is no way of knowing. Also by middle of this year all 2g will be LTE. Again if currently you only get 2g then you will probably shoot yourself but when it changes I would give them a try. You really can’t say tmobile coverage blows unless 90% of americans live where you live.

  • TMo offers unlimited LTE speeds without slowing you down at some point. This plan however also offers unlimited text and minutes. Don’t think there is a data only plan unless you start looking at tablet plans.

    Completely agree…if you live in an area with good TMo coverage this plan is the biggest no brainer in the existence of time. Went from a $125/mo Verizon bill to $30/mo. Can’t beat it…

  • Now that I have my Nexus 6, im going to get a TMo SIM and see how the coverage is. I’m not holding my breath, but I’ll finally know for sure how they hold up day to day.

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Tmobile are great for their boosters. Price may not be as low as 3 but customer service alone is worth a premium. Come on Tmobile. Bring out this fantastic device.