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  • More than anything, the selling point here is that Apple has managed to recapture the energy and excitement that came with the original iPhone with the new iPhone 6. It feels like a return to form in all the right ways, in addition to packing a ton of new features like Apple Pay that light the path for what Apple as a company is to become. For users, though, it’s all about delivering the best computer you can keep in your pocket, and that’s exactly what the iPhone 6 is.

    Then you've got the iPhone SE which has the same features as the newer iPhone 6S for $150 (£100, AU$250) less than the iPhone 6. You'll have to compromise on screen size, but you could get a better phone for less.

  • 22.36 In his brief hands on with the new iPhone 6, Matt Warman says the crucial difference between this and previous models is in design:

    The new iPhone 6 won’t end up looking exactly like these new renders, of course. Metal cell phones have the unfortunate requirement of needing space for antennas, and there are several other issues with the design. Hajek’s nearly borderless display and thinner housing are ideal though, and hopefully they come close to representing the real thing.

  • Despite the data presented by these two organizations, any attempt at guessing what the release date for the iPhone 6 will be is just that–a guess. It could be coming sooner than expected or Apple could remain true to its usual pattern and release it in September. Only they know for sure when the new iPhone 6 will be hitting the market.

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These concepts are like concept cars in that they show what a company could do with a piece of technology, but unlike car concepts, Apple is not making these iPhone 6 concepts to show what it can do. These new iPhone 6 mock ups, iPhone 6 concepts and iPhone 6 videos come from Apple fans that want to show what the iPhone 6 could look like.