Stylus Touchpen fås i fire forskellige farver.

Rounded Aluminum Crystal Stylus Pen by SecondShells™

10 Pack of Pink, Blue, Purple, Red, Black Stylus Universal Touch Screen Capacitive Pen for Kindle Touch iPad 2, Iphone 4,4S,

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  • If you own a touch screen phone then you have probably tried using a stylus pen. Not all people are using their fingers to operate their touch screen gadgets and a touch screen stylus pen .

    The stylus pen is a very in the mobile phone industry. Most modern cell phones which touch screen features are also equipped with a for easy navigation into the phone’s menu. With the stylus, users now find it a lot easier to compose their messages on the screens of their phones.

  • The stylus has a pointed end but there are different types of stylus depending on its purpose. Some users the use of a stylus because they easily get lost. However, new phone models like the LC Cookie and the Nokia 5800 comes with stylus pens that are easily at the back cover for ease in use and storage.

    Stylus pens are so hot right now that they're practically sizzling. How do you stand apart from the sea of similar giveaways at this year's trade show? Easy. Brand some Crystal Stylus Pens and distribute them with no fear or hesitation.

    Don't they resemble magic wands a little bit? Or maybe rock candy? We definitely think so. That shimmer is because of the stylus pen's barrel, which is filled with decorative rhinestones! How many styluses or writing instruments have that claim to fame? Probably not many.

    Whether your clients want to use the soft stylus tip or the writing tip, they'll be exposed to the crystals AND your company name. We don't need to tell you about human beings' attraction to shiny objects, do we? Let's just say it works, just like these high-quality crystal styluses.

    Just give your Quality Logo Products representative a shout. We're quite good at adding sparkle to brand images!

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  • iWrite Chic Aluminum Pen with Touch Screen Stylus Price $1.05 - $2.98 ea. Order as few as 27 Item #: Q52126 SoHo Roller Pen Set Price $8.30 - $15.51 ea. Order as few as 24 Item #: Q19439 Bic Emblem Stylus Pen Price .76 - .95 ea. Order as few as 300 Item #: Q60604

    The stylus pen comes in all sizes and shapes so there is for you no matter your taste and budget. What is important is that you know what type of stylus you are looking for. With the availability of capacitive stylus pens in the market, it would be easy to waste your money buying something you would not be able to duly use with your gadgets. .

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Say goodbye to unsightly finger smudges with the WorldStart Stylus & Pen Combo! This stylus and pen combo allows you to use touch screen devices with ease - without smudging up your screen? Need to jot down a note? Just flip it over and use the built-in pen!