SSDs can have two types of NAND flash memory: MLC and SLC.

Do you know if this SSD fits in a 2009 13-inch MacBook Pro?

Samsung 850 EVO - 500GB - 2.5-Inch SATA III Internal SSD (MZ-75E500B/AM)

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  • Solid-state drives are the next evolution of PC storage and run faster, quieter and cooler than the aging technology inside hard drives. With no moving parts, SSDs are also more durable and more reliable than hard drives.

    The 1.2TB Intel SSD 750 takes the top honor for its combination of performance and capacity. Samsung failed to deliver a 1TB 950 Pro, at least until January, so by default the SSD 750 1.2TB takes the spot. This model started out at a wallet-busting $1200, but is now a more palatable $899. It offers very high throughput performance and very low latency to increase overall application performance. What's more, its datacenter DNA makes this drive fast enough for workstation workloads.

  • Intel used a custom 18-channel controller that the company adapted from an enterprise product series designed for datacenters to reduce latency. If the SSD 750 1.2TB is considered a 1TB class SSD then the 800GB model has the same right to the 1TB claim. The SSD 750 800GB costs less than the 1.2TB drive but offers nearly identical performance. This is the model reviewers asked Intel to release to bridge the gap between the 400GB and 1.2TB drives. Intel responded with a product that delivers the capacity needed to install many applications and at a sub-$1000 price point.

    Although the price of the Samsung 950 Pro hasn't dropped dramatically, you can get it now for about $25 less than when it launched. That's a great deal for this high performance SSD and a good option for Z97, X99 and Z170 motherboard users. The 950 Pro sets a high standard for flash performance at this price point; it delivers similar or better performance than the SSD 750 while consuming less power and generating less heat. Users will also appreciate the Advanced software features and the elegant M.2 form factor.

    2.5" removable military SSDsfor airborne apps - GbE / SATA / USBfrom Targa Systems

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    Solid-state drives will not only increase performance but can also be used to breathe new life into older systems. Choosing an SSD can save you the cost of buying a new PC by reviving the system you already own.

hier haalt de ssd een beter resultaat dan de hdd

Well here’s another related downside: you can’t fill your SSDs to capacity. Or at least you shouldn’t. Most experts recommend only using about 75% of your SSD’s available storage space.