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VideoSecu 5 Black Universal Speaker Mount Brackets for Walls and Ceilings 1XZ (Black, 5 Pack)

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  • The FUGOO Multi Mount is the ultimate Bluetooth speaker mount accessory. It provides three different mounting options for your FUGOO wireless speaker – tripod mounting socket, rope/carabiner loop, and strap/belt clip.

    Use a speaker mount as a template to mark mounting hole locations. If you're mounting more than 2 speakers, it will be easier to make a template out of cardboard.

  • With FUGOO’s versatile Multi Mount, you’ll never have to be without music again. Fasten FUGOO to your backpack or carbiner, your belt strap or even just your pants. FUGOO is built for sand and sun, sleet and snow, dirt and rain. With such adaptability, it only makes sense to have a multifaceted mounting system that can weather the storm or take the heat. With tripod mounting capability, a rope or caribiner loop, and a clip for straps or belts, the Bluetooth Speaker Multi Mount takes music from the previously impossible to the totally doable… Sound familiar? Just like you, tough as nails and ready to go anywhere, the FUGOO Multi Mount is willing and able.

    Speaker Brackets offer the perfect support for a variety of Speakers sold at Abt. We offer wall mounts as well as brackets for your ceiling speakers to help ensure the prefect placement and optimum sound quality for your home speaker system. Abt has Speaker Mounting Brackets from brands like Bose, Sanus, and more!

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    Insert the stud into the speaker mount and turn it until it bottoms-out. Attach the satellite speaker to the end of the threaded stud. Lightly hand-tighten it and be sure not to over-tighten. If your mounting hardware kit comes with a safety strap, install the strap first to make sure the speaker doesn't fall while you adjust it.

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The Bentley Universal Satellite Speaker Mounts, 2-Pack, Model SM20B (Black) is ideal for satellite speakers or home theater surround sound systems. These Universal Speaker Mounts are built with the consumer in mind, featuring high-quality construction and easy installation. These speaker brackets are perfect for mounting your satellite and surround sound speakers on walls, ceilings and even vaulted ceilings.