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SOL REPUBLIC 1430-02 Tracks Air Wireless On-Ear Headphones with A2 Sound Engine, Ice White

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  • These were my first pair of SOL Republic headphones. They have been nothing but good to me. They have a Beats like sound, but a lot better. Great for workouts too. Buy if you're looking for headphones at a good price.

    I want to introduce you to the Tracks Headphones ($99), the first interchangeable on-ear headphones featuring V8 sound engine speakers, switchable cables and “Sound Track” headbands. I received these in the mail last month and I absolutely love them. Great sound quality and comfort packaged into a lightweight minimalistic design. The shape conformed to my head nicely and the inside padding on the top was a nice touch. I was really impressed by how these SOL Republics headphones canceled out exterior sound making it nearly impossible to hear anything but the music playing.

  • SOL REPUBLIC headphones come in a range of on-ear and in-ear styles, including three different levels of on-ear sound performance. The standard models include the on-ear Tracks (£79.99), Tracks HD (£99.99), Tracks Ultra (£149.99), in-ear Amps (£49.99), and the Amps HD (£79.99), all of which are available in many color options featuring groundbreaking design and SOL REPUBLIC's uniquely superior sound signature. In addition, SOL REPUBLIC offers design collaborations, such as its newly launched design with music producer deadmau5 and the Michael Phelps' inspired Tracks HD Anthem.

    just to get it out there i am not an audiophile but i did have had a v-moda sennheiser akg a beats headphone urbanears and last a sol republic headphone

    Sol Republic Headphones by crenk

  • SOL REPUBLIC assembled an industry-leading team of designers and engineers to create its one-of-a-kind headphones from the ground up. Featuring FlexTech technology, SOL REPUBLIC headphones are virtually indestructible and completely interchangeable with swappable cables and headbands.

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To music lovers, not all headphones are created equal. The engineering of sound is a delicate mixture of balance and volume. The SOL Republic headphones series has been popularized by Olympic Champion Michael Phelps. While this sound source has been released online, little reviews have compared these headphones to others on the market that are within the same price range.