red Pebble smartwatch smart watches

red Pebble smartwatch smart watches

Fixing_DIY Bluetooth Android Smart Mobile Phone U8 Wrist Watch - Black

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  • The battery life is better than most rivals; we've used Android Wear watches day to day and Samsung's smartwatch beats these hands down. The lack of apps is a niggle, but we don't think it impacts the overall experience enough to recommend rivals over this device.

    As easy to live with as a Pebble, as slick as an Apple Watch and with a tactile, rotating bezel as its secret weapon, the S2 is the kind of smartwatch you'd kick yourself for leaving at home. You'll have to pay extra for the cellular version to make the most of the GPS features but even the standard version feels like a leap forward.

  • Whether you find the Apple Watch the leading example of fashion blended with tech or a boxy abomination is really down to personal taste. But for our money, it's one of the best looking smartwatches made to date (especially when paired with a quality ) and, coming in two sizes, is one of the most unisex as well.

    Before you make your decision, bear in mind that two new Pebbles have just landed on Kickstarter. Read our and guides before you buy and look out for hands-ons within the next few weeks. We won't be reviewing these smartwatches for a few months yet.

  • Until comes along this autumn, Casio should be your first pick if you want an outdoorsy smartwatch. Okay it doesn't have GPS – and that's a problem – but it (somewhat) makes up for it with lots and lots of sensors, modes for hiking, biking and fishing, two displays and the fact that it's dustproof and waterproof to 50m.

I have ordered a Samsung smart watch and I have a blackberry z10

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