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Para poder instalar un Slingbox en tu sistema, necesitas el siguiente equipamiento:
Slingbox M2

Slingbox 500

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  • Sling Media recently released two brand new Slingboxes, both of which are updates on the company's original seven-year-old concept: Watch your TV or DVR from anywhere in the world, on any computer or mobile device. The less expensive of the two, the Slingbox 350 ($179 direct), is the subject of this review. Think of it as an updated, less-expensive , which was released in 2008. It's great for watching cable TV channels and recorded content on the go, but there's not much new here, even years later.

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  • First, let's start with the hardware, which is obviously different. The Slingbox 350 is a small, rectangular plastic block, instead of the modern art-influenced cut lines of the 500. Still, diamond-shaped texturing gives it an interesting look. Two LED lights on the left indicate power and network status, while the Slingbox logo contains a U-shaped series of small LEDs that signal streaming activity.

    *Slingplayer for PC/Mac desktop app currently supports Slingbox M1. Other Slingbox models will be supported later this year. Existing Slingbox customers should continue to use

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    There's no HDMI input or output on this model. But that's not a big deal, thanks to HDMI's built-in encryption that renders many channels unwatchable, as we found with the Slingbox 500. That said, you'll need a second set of component video cables to hook the Slingbox 350 up to your HDTV, as there's still only one set in the box, which you'll need to connect to your DVR—you can't just use the bundled component video cables on the way in and the HDMI cable on the way out, like you could with the Slingbox 500.

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The Slingbox was first developed in 2002 by two brothers, Blake and Jason Krikorian, who were avid sports fans. They supported the , a team, whose games were broadcast regularly by their local TV station. However, when travelling away from their home state, they found they were unable to watch their favorite team, as their games were not carried by television stations in other parts of the United States, and could not be found free-of-charge online. The first edition of the Slingbox came to market in late 2005.