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Easy installation and intuitive design lets you hear Sirius satellite radio through your vehicle.

SiriusXM Satellite Radio SXPL1V1 Onyx Plus with Vehicle Kit (Black)

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  • The technology for Sirius Satellite Radio receivers as well as some of the uplink equipment, and the studio encoder, originated at Bell Labs in the late 1990s and subsequent years. The studio encoder was a result of Bell Labs efforts in statistical multiplexing of perceptual audio coded signals, a cousin of the MP3 standards. The waveform design for the terrestrial and satellite signals, as well as the early prototype receivers, were implemented in a logic and tested in the field to verify the performance of the receivers. This work was contracted by Sirius to , at the time a spinoff of AT&T. Early prototypes were followed by a number of generations of custom designed chipsets, supplied at first by Agere Systems and later supplied by Agere Systems and their competitor ST microelectronics.

    Talk radio content recently added onto Sirius Satellite Radio include the ABC News and Talk channel 143 (since having ceased operations), including live feeds of Sean Hannity and Larry Elder's syndicated radio shows, Patriot Talk channel 125 (which includes Michael Reagan's syndicated radio show) and Fox News Talk channel 145 (which includes syndicated radio hosts such as Alan Colmes and John Gibson).

  • In November 1999, Marketing chief Ira Bahr convinced Margolese to again change the name of the company, this time to Sirius Satellite Radio, in order to avoid association with the soon-to-be-outdated CD technology. Having secured installation deals with automakers including , and , Sirius launched the initial phase of its service in four cities on February 14, 2002, expanding to the rest of the on July 1, 2002. In 2001 Margolese stepped down as CEO, remaining as chairman until November 2003, with Sirius issuing a statement thanking him "for his great vision, leadership and dedication in creating both Sirius and the satellite radio industry."

    Dock-and-play satellite radio modules offer another way to listen to XM or Sirius Satellite radio. You can also purchase home kits, boomboxes, and portable kits that enable you to take it along for all of your outdoor activities. Many of our plug-and-play stereos can record live radio, allowing you to pause, rewind, and fast forward the broadcast. Some radios even have the ability to show scrolling sports scores or stock ticker updates.

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    Sirius XM Holdings is an American company that provides three services operating in the United States: , , and Sirius XM Radio. The company also has a Canadian subsidiary called , an affiliate company that provides Sirius and XM service in . At the end of 2013, Sirius reorganized their corporate structure, which made Sirius XM Radio Inc. a direct, wholly owned subsidiary of Sirius XM Holdings, Inc. Sirius XM Radio was formed after the U.S. (FCC) approved the acquisition of XM Satellite Radio Holding, Inc. by Sirius Satellite Radio, Inc. on July 29, 2008, 17 months after the companies first proposed the merger. The merger brought the combined companies a total of more than 18.5 million subscribers based on current subscriber numbers on the date of merging. The deal was valued at $3.3 billion, not including debt. Through Q1 2016, Sirius XM has 30.1 million subscribers.

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Kenwood's Here2Anywhere SIRIUS satellite radio tuner is designed for easy use in the car and home, filling a major hole in the SIRIUS hardware lineup. Until its appearance, there had been no SIRIUS-compatible equipment available for home use. The Here2Anywhere system consists of a tuner that can be used with either a car or home kit (both sold separately). The tuner easily slides in and out of the docking station that stays in your car or home, connected to power, audio and antenna