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  • The price is pretty palatable for a top-end phone – in fact, every major US service provider is expected to carry the phone. Simply put, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is already much, much cheaper than any iPhone would ever launch for.

    What do we know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 so far? Rumors say that it will have the largest display size in the series sporting in a 5.9 inch display capable of full HD 1080p resolution. It’s also reportedly going to be launching at IFA 2013 this September in Berlin.

  • The Samsung Galaxy S3 is, according to Samsung anyway, 'inspired by nature – it sees, listens, responds, and allows you to share the greatest moments'.

    While Samsung may be busy preparing for the entry of their latest flagship model, the Samsung Galaxy S4, into the market a lot of people are already looking forward to the launch of another of its devices. This is the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 which is expected to replace their Samsung Galaxy Note 2 model.

    The plastic feels durable, and it is not slippery, thus making the Samsung Galaxy 3 comfortable to hold

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    This means that theoretically you'll be able to have a 128GB-capacity Samsung Galaxy S3 if you combine the top spec of internal memory (64GB) with the largest microSD card around at the moment (64GB)... making it a mouth-watering prospect for those that love their media.

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If you ignore Apple, very few electronic productshave garnered as much attention as the Galaxy S3 in recent years. After the huge success of the this is a follow up that many people have expected to again be the flag bearer for Android smartphones. But has Samsung succeeded? Is the Samsung Galaxy S3 the pinnacle of Android smartphones, and indeed of mobile phones in general? Lets find out.