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iRobot Roomba 650 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

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  • Some robotic vacuum cleaners can clean freely on floors then carpets, some would falsely detect the edge of the carpet as an obstacle therefore it would back off and prevent itself from cleaning the carpet. To get a good robotic vacuum cleaner that can navigate its way through a change in surface level, (around 1-2 centimeters, approximately the thickness of most rugs and carpets), always look for it in the description.

    Since the release of the first robotic vacuum cleaner from a single manufacturer, a lot of companies have also followed pursuit. Robotic vacuum cleaners today are packed with features. A word of advice: Be prepared to spend more if you opt to have more features installed.

  • If you plan to purchase your robotic vacuum cleaner from home depots and not online, make sure to have your unit tested. The salesperson should be willing to set up the device, show you how it’s operated and let you test it for your own satisfaction.

    A robotic vacuum cleaner’s path width can be determined by its diameter. A bigger path width means that it can clean larger surface areas within a shorter time but fail to get into narrower spaces. Measure the spaces between the legs of side tables if necessary. A smaller path width means that it would take longer for the vacuum to finish cleaning but succeed in cleaning narrow spaces.


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  • This can be a little hard to sacrifice. Powerful robotic vacuum cleaners are noisy because it needs more electricity but more expensive models are more powerful with less noise. Noise level is measured by decibels (dB). A high decibel means that the sound is louder. Just for reference, a hairdryer is about 60-95 dB, an electric shaver is about 50-80 dB and a car horn is about 110 dB.

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The compact and stylish designs of robot vacuum cleaners make them look very attractive. Its flat disc-like shape body can go under any furniture like sofas, beds, cabinets, etc. These vacuum cleaners can also clean the corner of the walls and legs of the furniture. They also have bumpers so that it can sustain any collision while cleaning.