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  • We wanted to take the opportunity to respond to your January post about RewardZoneUSA, of which we just recently became aware. In your post, you assert that our promotional path has “nearly impossible requirements.” We don’t agree and would like to clarify several misstatements in your post.

    The conclusion paragraph of this thorough report by Chris sums it up nicely: avoid RewardZone USA if you're not willing and able to play by their extensive rules.

  • You need to be very clear about signing up for these offers -- they ALL want to attach themselves to your credit card and charge you every month for the rest of your life. I took EXCELLENT NOTES on each offer, its terms, timelines, etc, as I filled out each offer. I filled out 12 offers (in RewardZone categories of Gold, Silver, and Platinum) per instructions. I ended up spending just under $30.00 for my "free" items (some ask for shipping cost, etc.) I attached them all to a credit card that was valid for now, but was about to expire! That was my ace-in-the-hole in case one or more of the 12 were scams in their own right. But I'm also happy to report that they were not. After I received each of the 12 items, I went through the process of unsubscribing and have had no fallout from that (no charges on my card to contest). And the items I received as samples were all pretty good -- as described (oh, but one other warning -- 2 of them needed to be boxed up and returned without using them or else they would have charged me. That wasn't clear initially. Pay attention at every step! I returned them and all is well.)

    Well, my atoorney has file dsuit against RewardZoneUSA. I am positive they will try to settle with all of you since they are getting sued. If they have ripped you off DO NOT DO IT. They filed a complaint and/or hacked my other email and got the other e-mail disabled, . At any rate, contact me at or contact the attorney filing the lawsuit.

  • The key to actually getting RewardZone to acknowledge that I had earned the $1000 was in collecting the 12 confirmation emails from the 12 offers. Each "thank you and welcome" email was timed and dated, of course, which proved that I had achieved 12 within the given 24-hour timeframe.

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Three days later, I had two $500 Visa debit cards (in lieu of a $1000 Amazon gift card)! And so far I believe (hope/pray) that my identity is intact. Thank you RewardZone USA LLC and Mr. Compliance Director Mohit Singla -- I appreciate the integrity in the end! As to you other consumers out there -- take this on only if you don't mind dancing!