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Crimestopper SP-402 Car Alarm with Remote Start, Keyless Entry and Engine Disable

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  • When a customer's vehicle enters your installation bay you should take a few moments to give it the once over. Check all the switches and systems in the vehicle as well as the exterior lights to make sure that they are working properly and report any defect to the customer before beginning your installation. In the case of a remote starter installation you should also listen to the engine to make sure that it is running properly.

    WSS Westminster Speed and Sound has offered remote car starter installations to the Baltimore and Carroll County area for decades. We’ve had clients drive hundreds of miles for the quality that we offer. We love what we do and it shows. Stop in and let our show you around. You will quickly find out that we are the right place to choose for your remote car starter installation.

  • But here is where you have to be careful. There is a common thought that a remote car starter install is easy. You can buy a remote starter at the auto parts store that comes with an instructional DVD and do it yourself, right? Yep, you sure can. Humor us for a few minutes while we discuss why you should have your remote starter installation done by experts.

    Kingpin Car & Marine Audio will not be your lowest bidder on a remote starter installation. However, our work will be the finest in the area, and will give you years of reliable service.

  • Waxwerks provides top of the line remote car starter installation in Indianapolis. Installing a remote car starter in Indianapolis is one of the best ways to avoid getting stuck waiting for your car to cool down in the warm summer heat, or in an ice box automobile during the winter months. With one of the most experienced remote starter installation team in the area, you can depend on Waxwerks to install your top brand car remote starter quickly and efficiently. Experience the convenience of entering an already-cool car this summer and !

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2. I see a lot of discussions online that talk about how you need to use heat shrink. The use of a high quality heat shrink is great, but it is not always possible. Heat shrink needs to be slid over the wires. This is possible to do when you are connecting 2 wires end to end. When you are tapping into an existing wire, as is done on most remote starter installations, you are not connecting end to end and not able to use heat shrink. The alternative is to cut the existing wire, slide the shrink on and then re-establish the connection which is a BAD idea since you are shortening the wire and potentially causing strain on that wire. In those cases, a high quality electric tape is the way to go without question.