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  • Backup cameras are designed to protect you, your passengers, and individuals outside of your vehicle by increasing your field of vision when you're in the driver's seat. Craning your neck around to look over your shoulder when you're reversing only enables you to see so much of what's behind you. In large trucks and SUVs it can be nearly impossible to see out the back window, and even in smaller cars, items—or individuals—that are close to your bumper or laying on the ground can be easy to miss. Car rear view cameras eliminate these problems. Offering a clear view of everything that's behind your vehicle, backup camera technology can make sure that your path is free of obstacles before you back up. In fact, many systems even include sensors that beep if they sense a nearby obstruction, providing you with both a visual and audible warning! Rear view camera installation can help prevent you from reversing into:

    The sad truth is that back-up accidents often involve more than just a fender-bender with the neighbor's mailbox. Each year, nearly 300 people die in backover accidents, and half of those individuals are young children under the age of 5. These tragedies nearly always occur in residential areas and parking lots when the driver just couldn't see the person behind them. But with rear view camera installation these unfortunate accidents can be avoided: 919 Motoring can put in a vehicle backup camera so you always know that your way is clear before you reverse. Offering increased safety for you and everyone around you, rear backup cameras can literally save lives.

  • For your convenience, 919 Motoring is available to install many types of backup cameras as a same-day service: drop off your car or truck in the morning, and you can pick it up that same evening with its new rear view camera installed! Combining efficiency, precision installation workmanship, and top-quality rear backup camera products, our team is your clear choice for the best in mobile safety technology. If you're interested in more information regarding car backup cameras and your vehicle, please don't hesitate to call today!

    If you're in the market for a rear view mirror camera or other backup camera system, Extreme Audio has what you need. Serving Richmond, VA, and beyond, we're proud to provide our customers with the security of top-quality rear view camera installation. We invite you to visit our mobile electronics shop or to contact us today for more information!

  • Whether you drive an average-sized vehicle or a large SUV, seeing clearly while backing up can be a challenge. Despite the fact that cars today have a large assortment of features to keep us safe, one key piece that is not yet required for all vehicles is a backup camera. Federal regulations may require all new passenger cars and trucks to have these devices included as standard by 2014, but currently only around 10% of new vehicles today have them. So if your vehicle didn't come from the factory with a backup safety system, installing an aftermarket rear view camera is the only way to truly be certain your path is clear when backing up. At TraffiK JamZ Car Audio, we have a large selection of backup cameras to choose from, and our experienced professionals are on hand to help you get the right system for your safety needs. We also provide superior installation service, and we work hard to ensure our customers get their rear view mirror camera or wireless backup camera customized to meet their exact preferences. To get a free estimate and to learn more, call or e-mail us right now!The number of backover incidents that happen annually is unfortunately high. Safety statistics show that nearly 300 people are killed every year in vehicle-pedestrian collisions involving reverse gear. Nearly half of these deaths are children under the age of 5. The cause of these incidents is often due to the driver's obstructed vision. Many cars have blind spots or are high off the ground, which impedes the driver's ability to properly check behind their vehicle before backing up. When you contact TraffiK JamZ Car Audio for installing a rear view camera, you can help prevent that tragedy from happening to your family. Installing a backup camera can literally save lives! With the fair prices and quality workmanship from the dedicated team at TraffiK JamZ Car Audio, you'll be glad you have the added safety of a back up camera on your vehicle. If you're in the market for rear view camera installation, sensors, or another backup camera system, TraffiK JamZ Car Audio is ready to help. We've been working in the trade for over 26 years, and we're proud to offer our customers top-quality backup camera installation. Come visit or contact TraffiK JamZ Car Audio today for more information!


When it comes to a DIY rear view camera installation, the easiest system to install is a that makes use of the existing rear license plate mounting holes. It is much easier than a wired rear view camera installation because it is not necessary to run several feet of video cable from the rear of your car, through the cabin, and up to the dashboard. Other than that, any rear view camera installation is basically the same.