Mid-July PS3 games batch (some are pre-orders):

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Call of Duty: Ghosts - PlayStation 3

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    PS3 games are PlayStation 3 games, which are played on the special consoles developed by Sony Computer Entertainment. The list of retail PlayStation 3 games was released or planned for release on Blu-ray Disc. There are currently 795 games available, out of which there are multiplatform: 635; exclusive: 150; and console exclusive: 10. These are "Exclusive" games, which means they can run on only the PS3 platform. The PlayStation Network games are downloaded from the PlayStation Stores. These are highly advanced and technique oriented games, which comprises of the high and extra graphic, resolution and size qualities. These games do not include handheld game consoles or mobile phones which generally run a completely different version of the game under the same name. Rather the games are played on a valuable console, which provides an interface medium to interact with games and its characters. These games are played on "Multi-platform", which means that, they are available and appear on multiple consoles.

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    , one of the few PS3 exclusive games nowadays, is a wonderful experience. I’m not sure what they call it, maybe third-person interactive, but it’s unique. You play as four different characters, each in their turn, as you try to find the serial killer dubbed The Origami Killer and saving the latest missing child before he, too, is found dead. During the game you will be able to make choices that change the storyline, sometimes even killing off one or 2 of the characters you’re playing. I’ve played it several ways, changing the ending each time, and still haven’t won the trophy for seeing all the endings.

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If you were hoping 2012 would be a little less crowded, you’re sorely out of luck, as the next year will be bringing tons of new exclusives and must have titles to Sony’s little black box. Here are 10 of the upcoming PS3 games we’re most excited about.