The PC gamer’s guide to Summer Games Done Quick

Oh and for god sake... stop assuming every PC gamer is an elitist!

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  • Though in a lot of your examples, it is annoying for people to go offtopic. Especially if they're the kind of person who says the stuff I wrote above. While not all PC gamers are elitist, there still are some and they tend to say things along the lines of what I've written above. Nice PC gamers are happy with their choice and don't mind others getting what works for them.

    However I don't believe that frame-rate obsessives are exclusive to PC gamers. A quick browse of any console gaming forum will show you people complaining about frame-rates there too.

  • In the UK edition, the lowest numerical score was 2%, awarded to The Winner . The sequel, , was given an even lower score of %, the review explaining that "[PC Gamer] put as much effort into reviewing it as they did in making the game". In issue 255, August 2013, the score of 2% was matched by the review of the re-released , originally given 3% when it first launched. In the US edition, the lowest score awarded was 4%, given to , unseating the previously lowest-rated game, , given 5%.

    Most PC gamers do run their games at the optimal settings for their PC. Optimal doesn't mean the highest setting but the one that works best for your hardware. An optimal setting could be the lowest one, it all depends on the PC.

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    In 2010, PC Gamer re-launched their website and blog by bringing together the online communities of both the US and UK magazines into one website. As a result, the PC Gamer blog now has contributions from both the US and UK magazines, all hosted at the new website along with the forums for both magazines.

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My eternal opinion about PC Nazis as I like to call them...because they are the ones who continually harp on about being the "Master Race" and such is this that the last folks who referred to themselves as being above all others got thoroughly thrashed in the end, so the very reference to those individuals is the most idiotic thing ever. For a smart as some PC Gamers claim to be, obviously they didn't pay attention in history class. Hence I refer to said elitist as PC Nazis, because they THEMSELVES refer to themselves as such.