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Portable Outdoor and Shower Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker by AYL SoundFit, Waterproof, Wireless with 10 Hour Rechargeable Battery Life, Powerful 5W Audio Driver, Pairs with All Bluetooth Devices

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  • The wireless speakers we reviewed are bigger, more powerful and better sounding than portable Bluetooth speakers, though there are potential drawbacks as well. Wi-Fi speakers are more power hungry than portable speakers, so most of them have to be plugged into the wall in order to operate. This takes away from the mobility that many Bluetooth speakers offer. Most portable speakers are also water and impact resistant while W-Fi speakers aren't. If you are looking for an outdoor wireless speaker as opposed to an indoor wireless speaker, you can take a look at our portable speaker comparison. Wi-Fi speakers are also more expensive than many Bluetooth speakers; Wi-Fi speakers cost upwards of $180 while many Bluetooth speakers cost closer to $100.

    10. Logitech Wireless USB speaker Z515: The tenth best outdoor wireless speaker is the wireless USB speaker Z515 by Logitech. This speaker comes with a Z515 speaker, a USB wireless adapter, power supply with a 6 feet cable, a soft travel case. The speakers uses two drivers and the frequency ranges from 2.4GHz to 50 feet. The power supply needed to run these speakers is from 120 to 240 volts. The logitech wireless speakers run on windows or MAC OS computer with a USB port. These speakers also function quite well on ipad”s and iphone’s via Bluetooth devices.

  • 9. Creative Gigaworks T40: The ninth best outdoor wireless speaker is Creative Gigaworks T40. This new class performance laptop speakers offers a three driver design that infuses a new music listening experience. The Creative Gigaworks T40 provides a MTM audiophile i.e. Midrange-Tweeter-Midrange, which is a driver configuration which improves the over all audio balance giving it richer bass effects making the music sound fuller and warmer in tone. It has a dual woven glass fiber cone driver and a BasXPort technology that enhances the lower range efficiently by channeling the sound waves from inner chamber to sound-stage. Each speaker is about 12 inches tall and the price of these speakers is somewhere around $120 to $130. Thus you can easily connect this speaker to your TV or any gaming console to enjoy a solid audio entertainment.

    8. Audio Unlimited Premium: The eighth best outdoor wireless speaker is the Audio Unlimited Premium which comes with a remote and a dual power transmitter. The 900 MHz phase loop lock automatically locks in while keeping the audio signals quite clear. It offers a range up to 150 feet and provides crystal clear signal even through walls or any other form of obstruction. Its system transmitter supports all types of audio inputs including that of RCA inputs for various home theater receivers,mp3 players, iPods, and computers. To have the audio system around pool or spa, on patio, garage or garden, the Audio Unlimited Premium is the best option. It has an auto detection circuit as well and comes with a warranty of five years and is priced at $349.99.

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  • 7. Creative Inspire S2: The seventh place in the 10 best outdoor wireless speakers is taken by Creative Inspire S2. It allows you to feel a new realm in enjoying audio freedom. The Creative Inspire S2 offers a Bluetooth wireless technology and now you can stream music from any of your Bluetooth wireless devices from anywhere in your room. It comes with two small high performance satellite speakers . With its creative direct throw sub woofer, it delivers a mid bass thereby bringing music to you very instantly. With these speakers you can quickly convert your computer in to a wireless play station. Creative Inspire S2 comes with a low latency audio codec that provides for good quality music playback system. Its speakers though palm sized, are very easily accessible. These speakers are also marked with energy star qualified mark that helps save money and reduces greenhouse gas emission.

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The Verdict? Overall, the BTP-525WHTs are very sleek and modern wireless outdoor speakers that are perfect for the outdoors, and can be mounted easily at the patio, decks and pool areas, although we recommend mounting these under sheltered areas to avoid direct exposure. The all-weather material construction makes these one of the most versatile outdoor wireless speakers that deliver solid bluetooth functionality and great audio performance even in outdoor conditions. , we would say that the BTP-525WHT is great bargain for what you pay for.