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Sunbrite SB-3270HD 32" 1920 x 1080 3,000:1 LED-LCD TV

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  • So the trick with an outdoor TV is to seal it up against the elements, but at the same time allow the heat generated to escape. Usually this means extensive heatsinks, fans and a bespoke cabinet design. Many models have built-in heaters to maintain a specific operating temperature and other features to help them survive in the wilds of your back yard.

    I’m very happy with your product, and my outdoor TV, which is facing a hottub, it is the envy of the neighborhood. The product works great and has protected my TV perfectly from the elements!

  • My advice? Buy an outdoor TV; they're built to do what you're looking to do. They're expensive for a reason. If you don't want to heed that advice, get a TV that can withstand some heat, and put it on a dolly. Not remotely sexy, and it will require some extension cords, but where there's a will, there's a way. , as they're brighter and generally do better in well-lit areas. Get something cheap, too, as it will probably break.

    I like many users wanted to place a TV outside where I have no overhead protection from the weather. I also didn't want to spend the money for an outdoor TV especially since the picture quality on most of them is inferior. I knew a vinyl cover would not be enough protection. The TV Shield shipped right away. Installation is pretty easy. I installed a 50" TV inside a 40"-50" TV shield and it is pretty snug. I was surprised that even though it totally encases the TV I still have adequate sound coming out of it without opening the front. The polycarbonate front is a little flimsy to prop up on that size so I keep it closed for the most part. It could be a little more attractive for my wife's taste but it looks fine and does the job.

    Our Exclusive Outdoor HD TV Price Guarantee

    We also offer the only Price Guarantee in the Outdoor TV Industry. If you find another competitor's LED/LCD Outdoor HD TV with our exact size, specs, and options, that is legitimately advertised to the public as a current, new model (excluding used or refurbished models) at a lower cost within 90 days of your purchase, you can return our MirageVision™ to us for a full refund.


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    Our outdoor HDTVs make it easy to enjoy your favorite TV shows in the comfort of your yard, patio, porch, deck, pool terrace, gazebo, screen room, or lanai.

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