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As an overall affordable outdoor speaker, the Atrium 4 is the best option.

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  • There are two good reasons why the best model we heard in the S&V test was also the least expensive. First, outdoor speakers use plastic enclosures that tend to vibrate and create their own sounds, which interfere with your music. This may seem like a minor thing, but it’s not—the vibrations can be very audible and tend to create a booming sound. Typically, expensive outdoor speakers are larger than inexpensive models, so there’s more surface area to vibrate.

    Why should music be confined to the indoors? Was Woodstock indoors? Outdoor speakers let you enjoy music everywhere: sunbathing by the pool, playing in the yard with the kids or even tending the garden.

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    The outdoor speaker I did about two years ago for Sound & Vision gave us a head start for the first Wirecutter outdoor speaker test in August 2013. The S&V article was supposed to compare outdoor speakers that cost about $400/pair. However, Niles Audio sent its OS5.5, which typically costs $249/pair on Amazon, and in my blind test, the OS5.5 sounded better than its larger, more expensive competitors.

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    Nothing adds ambience to your porch or patio like your favorite music. Take great sound to the great outdoors with our completely weatherproof outdoor speakers.

    Our two models include high tech components in a resonant-absorbing, fade-resistant cabinet. We even use stainless steel hardware to make sure your speakers continue looking as great as they sound season after season.
    Compare with high-end brands costing two to three times the price.  Give them a listen with our 30-day risk free guarantee- your ears and wallet will thank you!

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    Wireless Speakers as Christmas Gift
    December 2, 2013
    Purchased as a Christmas present, will not be able to review until after 12/25/13!
    Customer service was excellent. Representative immediately allowed return policy to extend past the 30 day deadline as this is a Christmas present and will not be opened until 12/25. This is the second set of outdoor speakers I have purchased and would recommend OSD to anyone interested in quality product and excellent service.

    Second, the difference between one company’s relatively inexpensive outdoor speaker and a more expensive model is usually just the size of the woofer and the enclosure. Many top models feature an 8-inch woofer, which doesn’t blend as smoothly the usual 1-inch tweeter as a 6.5- or 5.25-inch woofer does. Typically the speaker will play louder and give you more bass, but it’ll also give you more of that vibration and boom discussed above, and voices probably won’t sound as natural.

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If you’re looking for great high fidelity sound and a weatherproof speaker you can locate even in the most exposed locations, the Atrium 4 is the one to choose. Its high quality components deliver impressively big sound from this small, unobtrusive loudspeaker, and its compact size makes it ideal for tight, out-of-way installations. It features easy mounting, four-season durability, and the award-winning Polk Audio sound. The compact Atrium® 4 Outdoor Loudspeaker meets or exceeds military specifications for environment endurance. Its small size makes it ideal for tight, out-of-way installations: by the pool, next to the deck or patio, around the kitchen, tucked away in the family den or filling the backyard with great sound. The easy to mount Atrium 4 will deliver high performance audio fall, winter, spring and summer, bringing years of outdoor enjoyment. It’s also available in durable, weatherproof black or white paintable finishes to blend in easily with your outdoor décor. Here are some details: