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  • After being offline for six days straight, the Russia Online Apple Store went back online Monday with expectedly higher price points for the latest iPhones and other products as a direct result of the country’s collapsing ruble currency.

    It’s not just the latest iPhones, the Online Apple Store in Russia now shows higher prices for older iPhone models, too, as well as some Mac products. For instance, the iPhone 5c now costs 29,990 rubles, or about $546.

  • Another example: the Apple TV, which in the U.S. costs $99 (or between €99 and €119 in European countries) is now 7,990 rubles, or almost $150, on the Russian Online Apple Store.

    I haven't been to a CompUSA recently, but I know for a fact that the online Apple Store is excellent. It was created using Web Objects, a technology Apple acquired when they purchased NeXT. Dell used a similar, but less advanced (as Jobs was quick to point out), system until recently, when they were "encouraged" to switch to a Microsoft-supported system.

  • Based on the above, it sounds like the two are just opposites of each other. What you can have with one, you can’t with the other, and vice versa. Pick what you think would be best for your or based on what you’re actually buying. Where do you prefer to buy? From the online Apple store or in a local store?

Start your order on one device and finish it on another

If you're looking to purchase a new Apple product but don't have an Apple Store near you, the Apple Online Store is your one-stop shop for everything Apple. The online Apple Store is available in many countries across the world and offers free shipping for most orders as long as they're over $50. Need a new pair of headphones to go with the iPhone you're ordering? No problem, you can browse through many different kinds of accessories to add to your order.