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HP Pavilion 15-ab100 15-ab173cl Touchscreen (In-Plane Switching (IPS) Technology) Notebook - Intel, Natural Silver, 15.6"

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  • Most people use the terms notebook and laptop computer interchangably. Once it's not sitting on top of your desk every portable computer instantly becomes a notebook or laptop regardless of its configuration or individual specification.

    There are, however, some very big differences between notebook and laptop computers and it's important that you're aware of these differences during the buying process.

  • You have to find the right size notebook or laptop computer for you. Whether you're a business person, a frequent flier, student, home owner, ... you're looking for a computer that will physically fit your needs.

    In today’s world, Notebooks and Laptops are widely used. They both look similar, But have lot of differences between them. Knowing the Difference Between Notebook and Laptop may help you to choose the right product.

    HP 6510B Notebook PC Laptops

  • You're a small business owner who requires a computer for frequent airplane trips across country. You probably want an utraportable that's lightweight and very portable. You might consider buying the MacBook Pro or Air. Hopefully, this simple condensed Notebook Buying Guide will help you in the purchase of your notebook or laptop computer. At the very least, it will have pointed you in the right direction.........

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Let me clear some of the basic confusion right at the start. There is no difference between a laptop and notebook computer. They are two different names for the same thing! At the very beginning, when the first portable computers made an entry, they were known as laptop computers. With time, as popularity of these computers increased, marketing divisions came up with a new name for them, which was ‘Notebooks’! However, ‘Netbooks’ are different from notebooks or laptop computers. So there is no need for comparison between netbook, notebook and laptop. This is essentially a netbook vs notebook computer comparison. Let us compare features of netbooks vs notebooks in the following lines.