Interested? Here’s how to root your Nextbook 8:

RK3188 in the Nextbook 8 and maybe rK3168 in the Nextbook 7.

Nextbook8 Quad-Core 8GB Android Tablet

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  • TAG : The Nextbook 8 is already selling for $199.95 on HSN.
  • Nextbook Premium8SE V1.0 - Tablet - Android 4.0 - 4 GB - 8" TFT ( 800 x 600 ) - front camera - microSD slot - Wi-Fi - black It's everything you liked in a tablet but now it's even faster, sharper and smarter. Your Premium8SE comes equipped with Android Ice Cream 4.0 OS, you can surf the net, play games, or stream videos smoother than ever! Its sleek compact design, 8-inch TFT color display, Wi-Fi, is just amazing. With one touch, you can open your favorite book and enjoy it anywhere. It also comes with build-in camera to capture and share those treasured moments. Premium8SE, it is bigger and better!

    – For the tablet fan, you might have been looking for any new tablet all time but you haven’t meet with the one that really fit to you. Nextbook Premium 8 Special Edition might be can be one of the option that recommended to you. This the new tablet that come from U.S. and you will find that Nextbook Premium 8 Special Edition as a device that equipped with a fully loaded gun that ready for totally new updates. Latest OS, pre-installed app, and the best performance specs has been almost in this device. Mostly, you will find pre-loaded e-Book on this Nextbook Premium 8 Special Edition that will be suitable for you who likes to read a lot.

  • There is a short description about the new product called Nextbook Premium 8 Special Edition. Furthermore, you will find some feature and quite specific specs on this tablet. Nextbook Premium 8 Special Edition is a 8.0 inches tablet that supported with TFT Capacitive Display that able to response up to 5 finger input. Nextbook Premium 8 Special Edition’s display screen will be supported with 800 x 600 High Resolution. Under the hood we will have RK2918 chipset A8 that clocked at 1GHZ with 512MB RAM on the system memory and 512mb DDR3. Nextbook Premium 8 Special Edition also available with built-in rechargeable battery, 4GB internal memory that expandable up to 32GB and built-in G sensor for auto-rotate.

    I love the fact that companies are coming out with inexpensive tablets so everyone can get one, and it’s nice to see some decent specs with them too. The latest is the Nextbook 8 from E Fun with a limited edition price of $79.99 and you can even pick a color, red, blue or silver. The tablet does have a 1.6ghz quad core CPU in it but the resolution is a bit low at only 1024×768, but it is priced under $100. The tablet has 1gb of DDR3 ram and 8gb of storage which you can add more via a microSD card. The tablet also has wi-fi, an HDMI output, dual webcams and a microphone and yes it does have access to Google Play, which I think is important for any Android tablet. More details below for you..

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    Other additional feature, you will find front facing camera on this Nextbook Premium 8 Special Edition. And also what have been mentioned before, this app is equipped with preloaded 25 free eBooks, that you can choose by your self. You will find that Nextbook Premium 8 Special Edition will be on the latest Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich and this device also supports the latest Adobe Flash 11. The availability of OTA you will be automatically prompted when there is new update available. The tag will on around $249.99.

I like that the Nextbook 8 Tablet has Office 365!

The Nextbook 8GB Memory 7.85" Quad Core Tablet features built-in front and back cameras to capture and share those treasured moments anywhere. If it's games that you prefer, there are thousands of free 3rd party apps available for you to download from the Google Play Store.
Nextbook 7.85" Tablet 8GB Memory Quad Core:
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