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CHUANGIE Ultra-Thin 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub/Cable - Data Hub With Power Interface - Deconcentrator for iMac, MacBook/ Pro/ Air, Mac Mini and More, Black

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  • TAG : improves upon the basic Cat 6 cable by allowing 10,000 Mbps data ..
  • At ICS Voice and Data, we know the proper ways of installation because we know that cable is the backbone of your network data cabling. Our technical expertise includes Cat 5E, Cat 6, fiber, voice, data, and any other cabling for network or phone systems.

    When it comes to network cabling, there are different methods to move that data, from point to point. Generally accepted was twisted pair copper cable (Cat5e and Cat6) and is still usually used as the most common form of structured data and voice cabling, transferring voice and data through copper wires. As technology continues to race forward however, and the call for faster, more sophisticated methods of networking accelerates, fiber optic cabling is quickly becoming the next best of breed in network data cabling.

  • ICS Voice and Data Cabling Systems is a professional provider of Toshiba and Business Phone Systems, Network Data Cabling Cat 5, Cat 6 and Fiber Optics and Security Cameras, Phone Hosting, Data Connections, Network Connections and Cable Lines.

    The second type of network data cabling and wiring system is fiber optic cabling. This data wiring solution features a thin glass core that transmits laser light pulses. Fiber optic data cabling allows communication signals to be transmitted much faster, at a higher bandwidth and over much greater distances than copper data cabling systems. Because light is transmitted at a much higher frequency, fiber optic data cabling offers greater signal capacity. Fiber optic cabling is smaller than copper cabling and is also impervious to interference, with a much lower transmission loss.

  • a question regarding network data cabling and data wiring systems. Along with structured cabling solutions also offers Ethernet infrastructure design.

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