Convert your MiniDV tapes to digital files to edit or save.

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Sony DVC60PRL Mini DV Tape 60min Premium Data Cartridge 10 Packs

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  • At SuperMediaStore, you will find the best selection of Mini DV tapes for your Mini DV camcorder and camera. Our selection of and are available in a variety formats, including , , and .

    Mini DV was one of the first high quality digital tape formats available for domestic camcorders. we know many people have camcorder master tapes stored away, for most of you the digital age has consigned the tape based camcorder to a piece of history, but what of those irreplaceable master tapes?

    Mini DV Tape will not last forever, with incorrect storage heat and humidity have the potential to ruin your treasured memories, rendering them unwatchable and lost forever.

    Remastering Mini DV to DVD will bring your Mini DV camcorder tapes back to life your child’s school concert, a family holiday they can all be reborn, and mastered in a modern digital format with our Mini DV to DVD Service.

    Unlike many of our competitors we dont charge per hour! £20.00 per tape is all you'll pay, for Mini DV camcorder tapes to DVD and Mini DV Copying in Nottingham and that includes a DVD disc and VAT.

  • Best Mini DV Tape Reviews – The are small 60 minute tapes of the finest quality. Die to a special technology called the: “Linear technology”, the Panasonic AY-DVM60EJ5P MiniDV Tapes have an outstanding picture quality, that makes your videos look as if they are happening right now. The Panasonic AY-DVM60EJ5P MiniDV Tapes also received a lot of positive reviews on Amazon so you can rest assure that there are many people using them and getting their money’s worth!

    Mini DV tapes have several different tape record modes. The vast majority of Mini DV tapes usually run approx. 1 hour.
    Our DVD-R discs will play on almost every newer DVD player on the market.

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    Sony Mini DV Tape Model No: 3DVM60R3 Sony brand mini DV tapes (3pcs. Pack) ...
    Sony Mini DV Tape

  • How to Erase Mini DV Tapes
    May 02, 2014 · Gather the mini DV tapes that you want to erase. Make sure they are all of same format and will fit into your video camera. Check ...

    Mini DV tapes have several different tape record modes. The vast majority of Mini DV tapes usually run approx. 1 hour. The different record modes make it difficult to combine multiple tapes onto one 2 hour DVD. If you are certain of the length of your video(s) we will combine tapes at an additional charge of $4.99per tape. Please rubber band together the tapes you need combined and affix a note to each tape with the length in hours/minutes.

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MiniDV was released in 1998 as part of joint efforts of leading producers of video camera recorders. Mini DV tapes are one of the smallest of the video tape formats. They are recorded entirely with high quality digital video rather than analogue, which produces much clearer picture and sound. MiniDV tapes record their signal at 525 lines of horizontal resolution, which is much higher than the older 8mm or regular VHS video tape formats, and due to their higher band width clearer and more vivid imagery and detail is possible. All DV cassettes use tape that is ¼ inch (6.35 mm) wide.