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King's Crown

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  • Set across vastly different planets and cultures, Metal Hurlant Chronicles has huge diversity in its storytelling, making it unlike any other science-fiction show around. Jumping between worlds that range from medieval times to futuristic space stations, it’s an incredibly smart concept that delivers something for all fans of sci-fi and fantasy.

    There is none. There is no feminism in Metal Hurlant Chronicles. Female characters are reduced to being sexually exploited tropes with absolutely no substance or characterization that would enable them to contribute to the plot of an episode.

  • The sex bit, I’m sure, is obvious and expected. Metal Hurlant Chronicles is a television adaptation of a 1970s comic series of the same title. Let’s not forget that this was also originally a French show and comic. Syfy managed to edit most of the boob flashes and cut down the sex scenes. It’s understandable that ideas about sex and nudity are different once you get across the pond, but ideas about gender equality are pretty much the standard these days. I have to call the creators or the director or whoever out on this. There was no point. Females were highly sexualized, and it contributed absolutely nothing to the show.

    I was a little on the “eh” side before, but after watching these two episodes, I think I’ve found a worthy (albeit TEMPORARY until season 5, and there will be a season 5) replacement for Lost Girl. Metal Hurlant Chronicles is like an awesome cyberpunk version of The Twilight Zone, complete with beautiful, Adonis-looking men, WTF? moments, and a really cool premise. Looks like this won’t be my last review!

    Episode Episode Title
    Metal Hurlant Chronicles: King's Crown
    Metal Hurlant Chronicles: Shelter Me
    Metal Hurlant Chronicles: Red Light / Cold Hard Facts
    Metal Hurlant Chronicles: Three On A Match
    Metal Hurlant Chronicles: Master Of Destiny
    Metal Hurlant Chronicles: Pledge Of Anya
    Metal Hurlant Chronicles: Whiskey In The Jar
    Metal Hurlant Chronicles: The Endomorphe
    Metal Hurlant Chronicles: Loyal Khondor
    Metal Hurlant Chronicles: Second Chance
    Metal Hurlant Chronicles: Second Son
    Metal Hurlant Chronicles: Back To Reality

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    Tonight marks not only the premiere of the final season of Warehouse 13, but the premiere of new-to-US anthology series Metal Hurlant Chronicles. New enough, in fact, that even Syfy publicity got the spelling wrong in the first announcement (don’t worry, we fixed it in the post). The show will be taking over Bitten‘s 8/7c slot, airing two back-to-back episodes each week.

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