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MacBook Pro 13-inch Case, iXCC ® Smooth Finish Soft-Touch Plastic Hard Shell Case [2 in 1] with Keyboard Cover [ Model: A1278 ] - Pink

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  • If you want a MacBook Pro keyboard cover that has a little more personality, DHZ’s line-up of silicone skins will fit the bill. There are lots of solid color options, but the coolest options include patterns inspired by Batman, animals, or flags. There are also rainbow patterns, as well as dual-color options with alternating colors on each row of keys.

    Looking for a MacBook Pro keyboard cover that comes with a matching hard case? This is a low-cost way to get two accessories at once. There are lots of color options to choose from, so you can coordinate the exterior of your MacBook with your keyboard cover. While this may not be the most rugged MacBook Pro cover we’ve ever seen, it’s still much better than leaving your laptop completely unprotected.

  • MacBooks are among the most popular types of laptops on the market, so it should come as no surprise that numerous MacBook keyboard covers have been created to assist you in customizing your MacBook to the style that you want. Customization is all the rage nowadays, and getting the look that you desire is easier than ever with our MacBook keyboard covers.

    If you’ve ever owned a MacBook Pro, you know that Apple’s whole line of premium laptops are built to last. The only downside to that durability? Over time, your fingers may actually wear away the letters on your keyboard. If you want to protect your keys from wear, tear, and food crumbs, a keyboard cover is a smart purchase. Here are five MacBook Pro keyboard covers we really like. The keyboard covers on our list will work with 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook models. Some accessories on the list are also available in variant sizes that should work with older, non-Retina MacBooks, or old-model 17-inch MacBooks.

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    All of the Apple keyboard covers available through Kuzy are made from durable silicon. They can repel water and other liquids that may accidentally spill onto the keyboard. In addition, they can eliminate the chance of dust and dirt working their way under the keys. These can cause costly damage to your machine, and they may even destroy it. However, your protective MacBook keyboard cover from Kuzy will protect it from harm.

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