The Logitech G400s is available now for $59.99.

Logitech G400 Optical Gaming Mouse technical specifications :

Logitech G400s 910-003589 Optical Gaming Mouse

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  • I bought a few of the 2400 DPI model, and keep them for when my G400 dies. They were $13 when I last bought one. Obviously, you could buy several for the price of that Logitech G400S.

    The two optical mice tend to get a lot of comparison, so I decided to do a head to head to compare. Includes a pretty thorough review of both the Razer DeathAdder 2013 and the latest Logitech g400.

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  • The Logitech G400 performs flawlessly on all surfaces. We tried it on a solid mat such as the Razer eXactMat, as well a cloth surface made by Steelseries. We saw absolutely no instances of skipping or the mouse sliding around randomly. We tried a round of games, everything from a single player title such as Crysis 2 to a more fun Team Fortress 2, to a slightly more competitive Counter Strike: Source. The mouse performs without a glitch. You can choose to use the mouse without the drivers, but if you want to get the perfect customised sensitivity settings, you’ll need to play around with the sensor DPI settings, which means you’ll need the drivers.

    Logitech still carries the G400S, but it's easy to see they'd prefer moving away from that more traditional design toward a more modular aesthetic and lots of flashy buttons to wear out. That particular mouse didn't even appear during my first look at their gaming offerings, as if it was "hidden." I had to find the Logitech G400S page through Google. And then there's the price. If you're ready to shell out another $70, they're a great design, no doubt. The G402 Hyperion Fury is similar, but less expensive. I'm still using the G400, but for how long? Shysters want over a $100 for one of those.

  • De Logitech G400 is voorzien van acht knoppen die afzonderlijk van elkaar geprogrammeerd kunnen worden en een scrollwiel dat helaas niet horizontaal gebruikt kan worden. De al eerder vermelde 3600 DPI sensor kan snellere bewegingen (25g acceleratie) aan dan zijn voorganger, de Logitech MX518, maar is zeker niet de snelste sensor die op het moment verkrijgbaar is. Met knoppen bij het scrollwiel kan de gevoeligheid van de muis in vijf trapjes ingesteld worden. Daarnaast beweert Logitech dat de muisvoetjes tot wel 250 kilometer kunnen afleggen, al hebben we dit om begrijpelijke redenen niet kunnen testen.

Dave Chaos reviews the Logitech G400s Gaming Mouse

De G400 lijkt niet alleen op de Logitech MX518, maar ook op de Logitech G500, . Deze is echter wel gemaakt met betere materialen dan de Logitech G400 en is voorzien van een instelbaar scrollwiel en losse gewichtjes. In combinatie met de betere prestaties van de laser sensor maakt dit de G500 de betere keuze, al kost deze wel gemiddeld 15 euro meer dan de G400.