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if i remote lock the phone, can the thief remote lock the iphone?

Apple MC676LL/A - iPhone 4 16GB Verizon Locked - Black (Certified Refurbished)

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  • Having an unlocked phone is obviously the better option, so you may be wondering why people buy locked phones in the first place. Well, it is because carriers sell locked phones at a much cheaper price. They sometimes even give them for free under certain conditions: you have to sign up for a two-year plan (or longer) and use only their network services. This way, the carriers will actually get more money from you than if you had bought the unlocked version of the phone.

    The value of unlocked phones becomes obvious when you realize you can purchase a pre-paid or monthly plan from a number of carriers for about the same price as 100 discounted roaming minutes with Rogers. If you purchased a smartphone at a discount with a contract extension, likely your phone is carrier-locked. It means that using a SIM card from another carrier will not work. In Canada/US, iPhone 4 and 4s models are unlocked only when purchased from or authorized retailer (not mobile phone stores). , but generally speaking, unlocked phones do not qualify for purchase subsidy, and therefore cost more.

  • If you are an international traveller and plan on purchasing a new phone, make sure it is not carrier-locked, but rather a complete unlocked phone in which other carrier SIM cards will function.

    Many people ask the question: "What is an unlocked cell phone?" In order to answer that, we must first look at how the cell phone industry works. The preceding question will most likely apply to T-Mobile and Cingular/AT&T customers.

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    What are the benefits of unlocking?

    • Works on every GSM carrier in the world.
    • Raise phone's resale value by up to 200%.
    • No more roaming charges out of country.
    • Swap Sim cards back and forth as you like.
    • No more network restric. or costly contracts.
    • Never be tied down to one carrier again!

    What else should I know about?

    • Once you Unlock your phone it will never re-lock.
    • Unlocking does not void your warranty.
    • Legal in almost every country.
    • No technical knowledge needed.
    • Manufact. supplied codes - 100% guaranteed.
    • Unlocking will not damage your phone.

  • You get the freedom of using any SIM card from any network in any country. After unlocking your phone, you can also remove the pre-installed apps and ringtones from your carrier, which frees up memory space for apps that you actually want. Unlocked phones have a higher market value, which is a major bonus for people who plan eventually to sell their devices.

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A phone that is locked is programmed to work only with a specific mobile phone carrier. Without unlocking the phone, it is not possible to use it with another carrier. Unlocking a phone requires changing its internal programming. This allows the phone to work with other carriers. Some people with specialized technical knowledge buy mobile phones, unlock them and resell them online at a profit. Sometimes a mobile phone carrier will also unlock a phone for a customer who is terminating her account.