The sleek LeapPad Explorer with a depth of just 6.4 cm

You can check out the LeapPad 3 in the LeapFrog promo video below.

LeapFrog LeapPad Platinum Kids Learning Tablet, Purple

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  • The new LeapPads build on the success of the original LeapPad Explorer and later LeapPad 2 and LeapPad Ultra, which won multiple toy awards and were Christmas bestsellers. Its principal rival in the kids tablet battle is .

    The LeapPad3’s smaller screen is still ample space for Leapfrog’s large range of fun, educational apps and games. It might even suit smaller hands better than the larger and slightly heavier Ultra model. Later on in this review we look at the differences between the two LeapPads and compare to suggest which might be best for you. For the online see the prices bottom of this review.

  • The LeapPads differ from normal – such as the iPad or Androids – as they are built specially for kids; Leapfrog recommends them for children aged 3-9. We think 3-7 is a more realistic age range, although our 8-year-old tester still enjoyed using them. Any older than 7 and we think children would prefer a more mature tablet, such as Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD, which has decent parental controls such as screen-time limits.

    The Ultra is a larger, higher-resolution screen 7-inch tablet, but in terms of functionality there isn’t a huge difference any more between the five-inch entry-level and top models of LeapPad. Its main competitors in the kids tablet battle are the and .

    Second Grade LeapPad Book: Shrek 214.99$4.99
    at 3 stores
    First Grade LeapPad Book: Finding Nemo14.99$11.77
    at 3 stores

  • Platforms:LeapPad Learning System
    Available online?Not available online
    Release date:October 13, 2003
    ESRB rating:NR

    Games vary by character, theme, and more importantly, by your child’s level of learning. Games and apps have an age recommendation on them, but the LeapPad 2 also automatically adjusts the challenge for each child depending on age and skill.

LeapPad 2 Explorer: The Hardware

The LeapPads, and compatible software, are tailor made for learning while having fun. They are not iPads that you can use for email and play dumb-but-fun arcade games on. You buy a LeapPad not only to entertain your child but principally to help their education from reading and writing to maths and logic puzzles. They are child proof (well as much as anything can be) and child safe as they are closed devices compared to other tablets that aren't configured to child-only environments.