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How to improve your laptops Microphone quality

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  • If the laptop microphone is to be used for talking over the Internet or used with voice-recognition software, sound quality may not be much of an issue. For those who wish to record music, voice, or instruments with a laptop microphone, it will be much more important to find one that offers high-fidelity sound playback. Although many microphone brands may claim to offer high-quality sound reproduction, few will likely meet expectations, making it difficult for some consumers to discern one from another in terms of quality. To know what sort of sound quality to expect from a certain microphone, one should be familiar with some technical aspects.

    Though some laptops may have a built-in microphone, a stand-alone laptop microphone will typically provide higher-quality sound playback. There are many options available, including headset-style microphones, free-standing microphones, pocket-sized microphones, and a range of other styles to suit specific needs. A headset microphone might be a good choice for online voice communication, for voice recognition , or to record vocal tracks with less interference. Stationary and handheld laptop microphones might be used to record a single musical instrument, a group of musicians, or even a live concert. Most compact microphones usually connect through the laptop's microphone port, and may an ideal choice for online communication via , unless a built-in microphone is to be used.

  • Most all laptops these days come equipped with a built-in webcam and mic to use when making videos, or talking to your friends and family across the globe via Skype. But if you’re really serious about sound quality, especially if you create podcasts or product review videos on YouTube, a separate good quality USB laptop microphone is ideal for clarity and audio quality.
    USB laptop microphone:

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    Choosing the microphone can be an easy decision by first considering a few things. Since there are many sizes and styles available that can achieve different results, the most suitable laptop microphone will typically depend on how it connects to the laptop, its intended use, and the sound playback quality that is desired. Whether the laptop microphone will be used simply for online communication, or for music, gaming, and voice recording is an important factor to consider. Knowing a few technical aspects of the laptop microphone should help make the deciding process an easier one.

  • There is only one jack on the laptop for microphones or headsets, and it's on the left side of the laptop. When I plug it in, the laptop lets me know that I've, "plugged an audio device into the jack", yet there is no trace of it in the recording options.

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