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Lasonic i-931BTQ (i931-BTQ) Black and Chrome Bluetooth Portable Stereo w/ Classic Ghetto Blaster Design - Limited Edition (iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android Compatible)

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  • The Spirit Of St. Louis Retro iPod Boombox costs £299 / $600; no availability has been announced. Their website is horrendous, but for “more” information hit: .

    When it comes to the Apple iPod, all kinds of sound systems are now made available. But only a few are as versatile and as unique as going for a 80s-inspired system. If you want the ability to bring big sound anywhere (or you just want to recall the good old days), I think an iPod boom box is the perfect one for you.

  • Perhaps you have heard that these iPod boom boxes are essentially improved versions of the 1980s classic. There used to be a time that people improvise auxiliary jacks and other input systems to make old boom boxes compatible with iPods. But these new boxes are compatible for use with iPods right off the box. They have jacks that can double as iPod chargers, and these jacks are directly connected to the box’s amplifier/speaker system. What’s more, they often come with all the features you come to expect with an authentic 80s style sound system, only with modern amenities that make it more versatile and easy to use.

    Spirit Of St. Louis, an UK concern, has announced their new iPod Boombox. There isn’t many details at this time, or a press release, but we do have a price and a picture.


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    • Goodmans releases the iPod Boombox that has a 7-inch LCD display. You can show your photos, video clip on the screen. The Boombox has a 3-in-1 memory card reader and an iPod dock. It is priced at 89.99 Pounds.

    MTX Audio iThunder Portable iPod Boombox - Black | PowerMax

    Boasting loud explosive sound, this portable speaker would can't be called anything but a boombox. Take your music to the next level with the inMotion MIX iPhone/iPod boombox.

    Created with portability and high quality sound in mind. Making it easy to set up a party, this boombox keeps things bumpin'.