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iPad mini with Retina Display and iPad Air hands-on:

Apple iPad with Retina Display MD510LL/A (16GB, Wi-Fi, Black) 4th Generation

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  • Apple's new has come out, but its official name on the Apple website is 'iPad mini with Retina display'. What's the significance of the Retina display?

    What's a Retina display, and what are the advantages of buying an iPad with a Retina display? In this article we explain the benefits of getting a more expensive iPad with a Retina display, and the reasons for and against doing so. Also see:

  • Apart from their different physical dimensions, the iPad Air and the iPad mini with Retina display are two quite similar beasts. Both have Apple’s most advanced and lightning fast A7 chip which works along with the graphics M7 coprocessor. We were a bit disappointed to see the same cameras (front and rear) on the iPad Air as the previous generation of iPad. Note that neither iPad Air, nor iPad mini Retina can record slow motion video like the iPhone 5s since the back camera for both remains unchanged.

    Contrary to the iPad Air, iPad mini with Retina display will see its release in stores around the world in late November. The exact date is not known yet. You can order the new iPad mini online and have it shipped to you later this month.

    iPad with Retina Display Repair Services
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    iPad with Retina display (4th generation) 183.7 51 129 364
    iPad with Retina display (3rd generation) 126 26.7 86.3 238
    iPad 2 86.7 14 48.7 145.7
    iPad mini 86.7 14 49 145.3
    iPhone 5 147.3 28.7 91.7 253
    iPhone 4S 72.7 11.7 39.7 120.7

    The full-size iPads with Retina displays are the iPad 3, iPad 4 and (of which only the iPad Air is now available new from Apple). The original iPad and the (of which only the iPad 2 is still available) both have non-Retina displays.

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The full-sized iPad has been slimmed and trimmed, and now sports a new name—the iPad Air. And as many speculated, Apple upgraded the smaller iPad mini with a Retina display, which has the same 2,048-by-1,536-pixel resolution as its full-sized counterparts. Both of these devices are primed to continue Apple's tablet dominance, but if you're between the two iPads, which one should you get? Read on for our side by side comparison that will help you decide.